Windows 98 Ghost Image Download

Windows 98 ISO Free Download: Anybody who’s a Windows OS user would know the pleasures. The ease of access. The simplicity. The way everything is so laid down that even someone using it for the first time can comprehend what’s going on. It’s commendable. (Yes, we don’t talk about the Internet Explorer here).

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Here is a video tutorial on how to install Windows 98 Second Edition in Virtualbox!Virtualbox: http://www.ra. Windows 98 Free Download ISO Image. It is complete bootable Image of Windows 98 ISO. Download Windows 98 Bootable ISO in single direct link.

For a fact, Microsoft gave to this world a legend in the form of Windows OS. And we can’t agree more. I mean, look at us, still trying to get a hold of one of the oldest Windows OS in the history of Windows OSs.

But little can we be blamed. The charm of that good old Windows 98 system was un-matched. And for a small or big part, we can all agree to that. After all, that’s what has led us all here.

98 X 98 Images

Moving further and coming back to this article, this particular piece is for everyone who:

  • Loves Windows 98
  • Has lately been looking for Windows 98 ISO
  • Wants to use Windows 98 on their PC
  • Is interested in finding out cool stuff about Windows 98
  • Has a crush on the cute writer talking to you right now (Alright! Let’s move ahead)

Looking For the Windows 98 ISO Files?

Well, don’t worry. Honestly, you are in luck as I wouldn’t waste much time in talking. I know what you are here for and I’ll get you just that.

Just that, it’s always important to gather some useful information about the software that you are going to download, right? It’ll just be that short.

Windows 98 ISO Features:

To get you going and to give you a fair idea about what makes Windows 98 as great as it is, here’s a bunch of features that you must check out.

  • Extensive support for connecting with old and new networks
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 – faster than many successors
  • Efficient internet sharing
  • Optimized networking via VPNs

Windows 98 ISO File Technical Info:

Software Name: Windows 98.ISO Image Files

Windows 98 is a complete package for anyone who wants to have a throwback into the late 90s coupled with a quick running operating system that clicks and opens like 1-2-3.

Windows 98 System Requirements:

Windows 98 Ghost Image Download

So, before you head on to Download Windows 98 ISO for Free, I must help you find out what exactly is required of your PC for installing Windows 98.

Read on and you’ll get it.

  • 16 MB of RAM
  • 500 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • Intel 80486DX2 chipset clocking at 66MHz

So, sure you have it all? 😛

Perfect! Let’s get you to the download links now.

Download Windows 98 ISO For Free

By now in this article you read a lot about Windows 98. Its most important features. Its system requirements. Technical details. Blah! Blah! And a world of Blahs! Urgh! Feeling bored?

Well, as said earlier, it was important to talk about all of that before introducing you to the following Windows 98 ISO links.

  • Windows 98 ISO – [Click here to Download]
  • Windows 98 ISO for Virtualbox – [Click here to Download]
  • Microsoft Windows 98 2nd Edition ISO – [Click here to Download]
  • Also check out: Windows XP ISO
  • Windows 98 ISO for VMWare – [Click here to Download]

Important note: Don’t forget to have a .7zip extractor for installing Windows 98 files. Life will be easier for you.

Windows 98 Download – Video Demo/Guide

As some of you may not really want to download or use Windows 98 but just might be researching the vintage OS leaders, I have something for you. (Also, even the ones downloading can continue reading. Really!)

Coming back to the point, I can relate to the curiosity. One may not always be able to download and install Windows 98 OS on their PC. In times like these, they would just want to have a look at how the OS used to look. I know how comforting that sight can be. So, here I am, embedding for you a high quality video demo of the legendary Windows 98 OS.

So, be all eyes folks. I bet you’re gonna love it.

Satisfying, right? Well, I told you. Anyway, let’s not waste more time. You may really be wanting to learn how to install this beautiful OS so you can finally start using it.

Jump down straight (not literally, please). You’ll find the installation process in the section below.

Windows 98 ISO File – Step-by-step Installation Guide

Can’t wait to finally install and start using Windows 98 on your VMware, Virtualbox or normal PC? I know the feeling. So, let’s not stall anymore.

Here’s the step-by-step procedure to help you get going.

  • Download the 7-Zip Extractor
  • Downloading the Windows files.
  • Unzip and extract these ISO files correctly
  • Burn the extracted files onto a bootable device (generally a DVD) which you can use for installation

Also, note that you will require a virtualbox or vmware setup on your PC for using the above procedure to Install Windows 98 on your PC.

Most Exciting – Windows 98 Key Features:

Although I have already mentioned some of the most important windows 98 features in a section above, I just feel the need for telling you more. (Like, if you are still here, you deserve every bit of it).

So, read on. Here’s the most exciting bunch of Windows 98 features that made it stand apart in 98′.

  • Exceptional networking support
  • Internet Explorer 4.01
  • Best in class web integration
  • Better security
  • Minimalistic Layout – an improvisation of the old Windows 95 design along with flat icons
  • Simple and quicker booting via MS-DOS
  • Equipped with NetShow Player

Isn’t it too great how Microsoft pulled it all off in the year 1998? I think it is. Well, now we are at the end of this post. And all I want to say is, you’ve been a great audience (obviously, if you’re still reading).

Hopefully, this was useful for you. If it was, bookmark us and subscribe to our push notification messages so we can notify you about more such OS software as we upload them here.