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Ways to find out the system performance index in Windows 10. Performance evaluation without programs and in the free Winaero WEI Tool.

Users who have upgraded to the new OS, especially if the update took place from the seven, are interested in: and where to see the Windows 10 performance index (the one that shows the figures up to 9.9 for different computer subsystems). In the properties of the system, this information is now missing.

Nevertheless, the performance index counting functions have not gone away, and the ability to view this information in Windows 10 remains, both manually, without using any third-party programs, or with the help of several free utilities, one of which (the cleanest from any third-party software ) will also be demonstrated below.

View performance index using command line

The first way to find out the Windows 10 performance index is to force the system evaluation process to start and then review the test report. This is done in a few simple steps.

Run the command prompt as an administrator (the easiest way to do this is to right-click on the 'Start' button, or if there is no command line in the context menu, start typing 'Command Prompt' in the taskbar search, then click the result and right-click select Run as administrator).

Then enter the command

winsat formal -restart clean

and press Enter.

The team will launch a performance evaluation that can last several minutes. When the verification is complete, close the command line (you can also run performance evaluation in PowerShell).

The next step is to review the results. To do this, you can do one of the following ways.

The first method (not the easiest): go to the C: Windows Performance WinSAT DataStore folder and open the file named Formal.Assessment (Recent) .WinSAT.xml (the date will also be shown at the beginning of the name). By default, the file will open in one of the browsers. If this does not happen, you can open it with a regular notepad.

After opening, find the section in the file that starts with the name WinSPR (the easiest way is to use the search by pressing Ctrl + F). Everything in this section is information about the system performance index.

  • SystemScore - Windows 10 performance index, calculated by the minimum value.
  • MemoryScore - RAM.
  • CpuScore - processor.
  • GraphicsScore - graphics performance (meaning interface operation, video playback).
  • GamingScore - gaming performance.
  • DiskScore - hard disk or SSD performance.

The second way is to simply start Windows PowerShell (you can start typing PowerShell in the search on the taskbar, then open the found result) and enter the command Get-CimInstance Win32_WinSAT (then press Enter). As a result, you will receive all the basic performance information in the PowerShell window, and the final performance index calculated by the lowest value will be listed in the WinSPRLevel field.

And another way, which does not provide complete information about the performance of individual components of the system, but shows an overall assessment of the performance of the Windows 10 system:

  1. Press the Win + R keys on the keyboard and type shell: games in the Run window (then press Enter).
  2. The Games window will open with a performance index.

Wei Downloads For Windows 10

As you can see, viewing this information is very easy, without resorting to any third-party tools. And, in general, it can be useful to quickly analyze the performance of a computer or laptop in cases where nothing can be installed on it (for example, when buying).

Winaero WEI tool

The free program for viewing the performance index Winaero WEI Tool is compatible with Windows 10, does not require installation and does not contain (in any case at the time of this writing) any additional software. You can download the program from the official site

After launching the program, you will see the familiar Windows 10 performance index view, which information is taken from the file that was discussed in the previous method. If necessary, clicking in the program 'Re-run the assessment', you can restart the assessment of system performance to update the data in the program.

How to find out Windows 10 performance index - video instruction

Winaero Microsoft Games

In conclusion, a video with the two methods described can get an estimate of the system performance in Windows 10 and the necessary explanations.

And one more detail: the performance index calculated by Windows 10 is a fairly conditional thing. And if we talk about laptops with slow HDDs, then almost always it will be limited precisely by the speed of the hard disk, while all components can be top, and the performance in games is enviable (in this case it makes sense to think about SSD, or just not to pay attention to assessment).