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Watch Dogs 2014 Reloaded Full Version Direct Download Watch Dogs Single Link Download For PC watch dogs 2 release date. It is an action shooting pc game By Ubisoft is an open world action third person video game. Gameplay Overview Watch Dogs PC Game: it is release for Microsoft Windows And PlayStation 4 Including Xbox 360. I thought it was the digital deluxe edition turns out it isn't anyway this is for windows 10enjoy : Links updated to download from guru3d. If you want my mod but updated to the latest version of watch dogs and with other options visit this thread from the user Cmh175 (Thank you!). Thank you guys for all the support as always.

DISCLAIMER: Apologies if this breaks any forum rules by providing a configuration file, I simply want to help the unfortunate people who have been unable to play the game. I don't believe this is breaking any piracy terms.
This is a modded game config I created which has enabled me to play through the entire game without a single crash or blackscreen. It works by changing all of the graphics options to use the values intended for the console version of the game.
If you're like me and have been struggling/unable to play the game for the past 4 years like I have, then this will be a godsend!
NOTE: You SHOULD NOT alter any of the 'Advanced' graphics settings in-game or they will reset to the broken PC options and the crashes will return. Other gameplay settings as well as the resolution option should be fine to change, and I am pretty sure that I have left them stock anyway.
Let me know if it works!
Step 1 Download config from the link
Step 2 Put the file in C:/Users/*username*/Documents/My Games/Watch_Dogs 2/
Step 3 Play the game
Step 4 (OPTIONAL) If your game STILL crashes, disable/alter the Windows TDR using this tool:
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