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Download HERE Vismat Materials part 1 of 3 vismat material contained in this file various materials, abstract wall, Apple L. Free Fire cutout Pack #2. V-Ray for SketchUp includes an extensive library of ready-to-use materials. Feb 8, 2017 - Vistmats.com offers free Glass Vray materials for sketchup and rhino. Download now from our site for free and without logging in.

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  • Rather than having to download the entire library during the installer process, you will instead be presented with the option to download the Preset Material Library the first time you open this panel after installing V-Ray 5 for SketchUp.
I posted the link to this a few months ago, but it was quickly removed due to a misunderstanding occurring because the file come from BitSnoop.com, normally a site used for pirating digital media. But perfectly legal content exists on the site, and this file is entirely legal and free of virus, (I use it personally). If you do not feel safe using a torrent to download the collection, you are more than welcome not to download the collection, but just know that its a tested file and is a legal download. Its a torrent because its easier to use torrents for very large files, due to loss of a collection and speed of download. I just haven't got around to reposting this since the misunderstanding had been solved.
Hello, this is a very large collection of VRAY for SketchUp materials. While there are very specific materials that are missing, i.e. non-conventional use materials. There around probably around 1100 different materials in the collection. But take note that there are some duplicate materials, for reasons I do not know. This file comes in a little shy of 7GB, so be prepared for the download. The file is password protected, and the password is '4render' (Without the quotes).
Good luck fellow SkecthUp artists!Sketchup

Vray 5 Sketchup Material Library Download

The Link: http://bitsnoop.com/vray-for-sketchup-m ... 33315.html
(You will need a bittorrent client; my suggestion is uTorrent.)

This is another excellent tutorial for sketchup vray users from MasterTuts. The tutorial will introduce you with the processes for generating realistic velvet material in vray for sketchup.

Usually, the users can apply reflection and refraction to generate a material for an object. But sometime, some texture maps are utilized to generate these materials. The users can apply texture map for superior rendering.

All these materials are available in Material Editor in V-ray for sketchup. There are three parts in material editor.

A. Material Workplace - It demonstrates all the selected materials. Click right to add, import, export, rename, pack, remove, and choose the objects with existing materials like attributing present materials to the chosen objects, removing materials (which are not applied in the scene), and attaching layers with reflections, refractions to the materials.

B. Material Preview - The Update Preview button facilitates the users to view the adjusted materials.

C. Options for material control - The options are modified with the added scene materials in section A.