Vidmate Apk Old Version Download Free For Android

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Vidmate is a famous software for downloading videos and used by millions of people worldwide. Since this is an Android application, any smartphone user can download any content of their choice and preference in their preferred category.

VidMate has unlimited videos, music and photos content from various categories like art, fashion, technology, entertainment and so on. What’s more, VidMate keeps updates on all the popular content in time so that you can always keep abreast of the trends and enjoy yourself. Advanced Download Technology - Fast download - MP4 to MP3 (mp3.

The application also get updates after regular interval of time for the purpose of adding new features and improve the existing ones for the betterment of the app. This app is completely reliable and never leaks any private or confidential data of its users to any third party. Which mean it is very safe to use.

Vidmate 2013

One of the mostwanted versions among users. When this was released, you could actually startwith pausing, deleting and restarting videos. It downloads in a very high speedand its free regardless of how many videos movies you want to download. Asidefrom that you can also play both play audio and video.

  • Play large size videos
  • You can reset, rewind and forward videos

Vidmate 2014

  • Users can download videos from the mostreliable sources.
  • It does not require long hours to download
  • Easier web browsing and content downloading
  • Allows user to download media from videohosting websites

Vidmate 2015

  • Can download faster compared to the previousversions
  • Already in APK format
  • Users can now download unlimited amount ofcontent
  • No restrictions

Vidmate 2016

  • Can stream to live TV
  • Much better interface
  • Have a free facility to listen to online movies
  • You can now use passcodes to secure yourpersonal media

Vidmate 2017

  • Hassle free download
  • You can change location where to save yourdownloaded videos
  • Simple and smart interface

List of Vidmate Old Version

VidMate Latest Version 4.1302 APK Download
updated: april 28, 2019

VidMate 3.6417 (36417) Old APK
updated: april 28, 2019

Vidmate Apk Old Version Download Free For Android

VidMate 3.5601 (35601) Old APK
updated: january 27, 2019

VidMate 3.5501 (35501) Old APK
updated: november 11, 2018

Vidmate For Android Apk Download

VidMate 3.47 (347) Old APK
updated: october 20, 2018

VidMate 3.46 (346) Old APK
updated: july 1, 2018

VidMate 3.45 (345) Old APK
updated: may 27, 2018

VidMate 3.43 (343) Old APK
updated: april 26, 2018

VidMate 3.41 (341) Old APK
updated: april 18, 2018

VidMate 3.37 (337) Old APK
updated: march 11, 2018

VidMate 3.36 (336) Old APK
updated: february 2, 2018

VidMate 3.35 (335) Old APK
updated: january 19, 2018

VidMate 3.34 (334) Old APK
updated: december 30, 2017

VidMate 3.33 (333) Old APK
updated: december 15, 2017

VidMate 3.32 (332) Old APK
updated: november 29, 2017


VidMate 3.31 (331) Old APK
updated: november 18, 2017

VidMate 3.29 (329) Old APK
updated: october 31, 2017

VidMate 3.28 (328) Old APK
updated: october 18, 2017

VidMate 3.27 (327) Old APK
updated: september 23, 2017

VidMate 3.26 (326) Old APK
updated: september 16, 2017

VidMate 3.24 (324) Old APK
updated: september 9, 2017

Vidmate Apk Download For Pc

VidMate 3.23 (323) Old APK
updated: august 26, 2017

VidMate 3.22 (322) Old APK
updated: august 24, 2017

Vidmate Apk Old Version Download Free For Android Tv

VidMate 3.21 (321) Old APK
updated: august 20, 2017