Tron Evolution Pc Serial Key Generator

If you own this game on steam you may be running into issues launching it, as the underlying DRM for this particular title is no longer working properly. Unfortunately although Disney has been contacted about the issue, the only real response from them has been a canned response:

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Thankfully due to some helpful users on the Steam forums ( there is a way to get the game working properly once more. A very helpful user by the name of P4R4D0X, pointed out that there is external software that works around this issue. The software is called 80_PA, which can be found on the following website: The actual software can be downloaded through the same forum post, just look for a mega link or their respective mirror links on the above linked post.


Tron Evolution Pc

PLEASE NOTE: This fix seems to work for Steam issued licenses, if your license was attained via an alternate method/store it may not work. Please keep this in mind – results may vary.

UPDATE 2021-01-31

SecuROM now provides an unlock website which should be the first thing you attempt to get the unlock code:

If you have a valid license try this first as it does not require you to run an external KeyGen for the code. If you still need the other activation method then please read on.

UPDATE 2020-12-29

The website where the solution was posted does not exist any more, if you need to download 80_PA download it from this link on Mega (

Within this package you will find the following files:

Under 80_PA Readme you will find a README file, this file contains the hash for the software so it’s validity can verified.

The next file you will need to open is the 80_PA.exe file. This is used as you are running the game and have the manual activation from SecureRom running.

Your system should generate the HWID automatically.

Ensure to have “Tron: Evolution” selected:

Once both options for KEY and HWID are listed green you can then click on Generate Unlock Code

Once the above process is complete, the code should be generated and can be copied to your clipboard.

On the manual SecureRom unlock screen for the game, paste the code that was generated,

If everything went through correctly you should have a successful activation.

If you need assistance there are a couple of videos on YouTube which can help with the process (watch them from beginning to end to get a gist of how the process works):

SecuROM keygen:

Взлом SecuROM-игр с помощью 80_PA

This method does actually work as you can see from the following video:

A personal thanks toP4R4D0X for providing the information necessary to get the issue fixed, he was incredibly informative and helpful during this process, and to ExeLab directly as it is their software which is providing the actual workaround to fix to this issue.

Understandably not everyone is comfortable with running external programs to get this fixed. For those users I would recommend them to get in touch with Disney support directly:

Now Disney is a large company and you may not get a lot of traction, but at least they’ll be aware of the issue.

You also have to remember that Denuvo/SecureRom are external DRM elements as well so if these are hindering you from using your licensed software then in my opinion you should be able to look for other viable ways to be able to utilize it.


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