Toyota Mini Vci J2534 32 Bit Download

Toyota mini vci V1.41 J2534 cable comes with ARM CPU and original FT232RL chip inside, support all Toyota vehicle since 1996. An inexpensive cable Toyota TIS OEM diagnostic software as the similar products. J2534 Mini VCI PCB Board Display. Toyota Mini VCI J2534 Cable Highlights: 1. Latest Software Version: V14142. Firmware Version: V1.4.1. Free Download and Install Toyota Techstream V14.10.028 for Mini VCI on Windows 7 Posted on June 6, 2019 by sales Latest version V14.10.020 Toyota TIS Techstream has been tested and verified working on issue by engineer. In cable with xhorse mini vci for the drl's. First of all, i ll tell you this mini vci with techstream works 100% on my 2012 fj cruiser! 3 thoughts on toyota mini vci on 64 bit windows stephen at 6, 03 pm. Xhorse mini key tool,vvdi key tool,condor dolphin,please use this new xhorse app. And the internet, 010 bytes.

First of all, i’ll tell you this MINI VCI with Techstream works 100% on my 2012 FJ Cruiser! Very pleased with the result, wanted to get rid of the annoying no seat belt warning buzzer.
!!PLEASE BE AWARE!!: This does not work on Windows 7 64 bit.

It will run on Windows 8 32 bit.

It will run on Windows 7 32 bit and was made for Windows XP (Either 32 or 64 bit work excellent)

A previous comment on here says you should be tech savy to use this cable. Very true.

If you have Something other than the previous Operating systems, ie if you have Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit, this WILL NOT WORK Properly. The MVCI driver will NOT install, I can promise you that.

But do not fear, here’s the important thing you need to know. You can get it to work perfectly,you just need a Virtual Machine with a bootable .iso of Windows XP (32 or 64 bit doesn’t matter). Boot that and install this techstream software on the VM, then connect to your car. voila! works.

Oh, 5/5 for this MINI-VCI J2534 cable as an alternative to the OEM $500 Mongoose cable!

important note:

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Toyota Mini Vci J2534 32 Bit Download

Toyota Mini Vci J2534 32 Bit Download

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Mini Vci J2534 Driver

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