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Tessellations can be produced using any drawing package, even quite simple ones. In our 'Do it yourself' section we show how this can be done fairly easily. This is often more satisfying than using purpose built software and the results can be worth it and sometimes unexpected 8-)

Semi-regular Tessellations. A semi-regular tessellation is made of two or more regular polygons.The pattern at each vertex must be the same! There are only 8 semi-regular tessellations. Create your first video in less than 5 minutes. It's super easy! Select a preset. Use one of our professionally designed presets as a starting point for your video. Scroll down this page to see available presets. Upload your audio. Upload a high quality MP3 or WAV file. Tessellation Maker Free Download. Tessellation Maker Free Pdf. Online Tessellation Maker. Free Printable Tessellations. A pattern of shapes that fit perfectly together! TesselManiac!, is a new tessellation program from Kevin Lee, the creator of TesselMania!, Kaleidomania! And Tessellation Exploration. Includes The Flipping Tile Game. There are quite numerous of them, each containing around 30 coloring pages for adults. Should you wish to make your own tessellation, well, it's pretty easy. All you need is a small rectangle cutout. From there you can it to four uneven parts. Then, stick all those parts with a glue and there you have your first tessellation pattern.

However, there are several programs available that can help in the process and most can produce tessellations using all 17 wallpaper types and more. Some are easier to use than others but, if you have a pre-conceived idea of a subject you want, it is much more difficult.

The easiest way to produce tessellations using these programs is to let the software 'suggest' a subject. All of them will produce a mesh outline, or lattice, according to the symmetry rules you set. You then have to push and pull the lines, add and remove corners and points, etc, until you have shapes you recognise. You still have to interpret the results.

Tessellation Creation

Types There are few dedicated stand alone programs. A favourite of mine is 'Tesselmaniac'. Other packages 'plug in' to a main graphics program and use it to produce the actual artwork. A few are covered here - see below. The disadvantage of these is that you need to own the main program - and this can be expensive. Yet another way is by using a specially designed Java applet and producing tessellations directly on line. If you want to use the result, it has to be 'grabbed' off the screen.

Make Your Own Tessellation Pattern

Details of some programs follow together with some example tessellations and screenshots from each. The examples include their symmetry types so you can replicate them if you have the program.

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  • Shodor.org - an education website's free tessellation program that works through your web browser while you're surfing the Net.

  • NEW: Tesselmaniac - $30 stand alone tessellation creation program for Windows and Mac, first sold in January, 2014

  • Tesselmania - Pretty old stand alone program for Windows and Mac. Check out TesselManiac, from the same author (Kevin Lee), instead.

  • Go offsite to YouTube, to see an iPod/iPhone application called 'CirCull'. That word's a portmanteau / mash-up word the author invented by combining 'circle' with 'cull'. It's a tessellation game in which you tap adjoining tiles to switch their places. Whenever three adjoining tiles have the same color, your points go up and the tiles disappear. That disappearing is the 'cull' in 'CirCull'. The 2D tessellation plane has been heavily distorted by a fisheye view-- that's the 'circle' in 'CirCull'. The fish-eye lens makes the 2D tessellations look a bit like a circle-limit tessellation.

  • Kali - A set of stand-alone programs for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Tess - Stand-alone program
  • NEW: Flexify 2 - a $50 add-on/plug-in for PhotoShop and CorelDraw. It does fast, fun distortions. For example, it easily turns a normal picture into an image that looks like it was reflected in a mirror ball.

  • Tessella - Illustrator plug-in

  • SymmetryWorks - Illustrator plug-in

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Tessellation Builder

Many of you are probably wondering, what in the world is a tessellation? And why would I want to make one? To answer your question in simpliest terms a tessellation is a simple pattern that is repeated. Very similar to a puzzle, where the pieces all fit perfectly together. However, a tessellation is even more challenging, because instead of using different shapes each shape must be the same! Tessellations even occur in everyday life which you will view later in a PowerPoint.
One man, M.C. Escher, a famous mathematician and artist became well known through his tessellations.
It is probably obvious how this relates to art, considering you are drawing and coloring. However, I want you to think how this relates to math. I said M.C. Escher was also a mathematician. There is a short, yet informative PowerPoint below I want you all to view before reading any further. After, I want you to think of how math is related.
How is math related to tessellations? This will be found out through your experience through this webquest. I will state my opinions on how they relate in the conclusion. Feel free to comment on the conclusion page and let me know how you think they relate!
For more information other than what is provided here and on the PowerPoint visit these websites:
These websites are also listed under resources on the PowerPoint provided below!