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Vintage chorus effect plugin with the lush sound of old BBD hardware.


A dual delay with cross-feedback and tape style sound.


A vocoder plugin with 20 bands, sibilance channel and integrated oscillator.


Micro-Repeater audio effect. Instant audio record and playback at selected beat divider.


A pack of plugins for sample stretching.
Stretcha is a VST sample stretching playback plugin for extreme slowdown.
StretchBPM is a sample stretcher to convert a loop from one BPM tempo to another.
Chipper is a drum loop tempo changer, preserving transients by cutting the loop into slices.


A plugin for deep and long reverb tails with shimmer pitch shifting effect.


A pack of plugins for reverse-audio effects!
Contains BACKPLAYER, INSTABACK, REFO-D and TAPEBRAKE for a very low price!


Reverse your audio with the press of a button. Great for live effects.


Instant audio backwards effect. Sounds like your audio is reversed immediately in the moment of playing.


VST delay plugin with an extra: standard host-synced delays, reverse-forward effects, filtered dub-delays with a tape sound - everything is possible..


Press your finger on a tape reel or disc - or use this plugin for the spin-down effect.

Palm Diffusor

A virtual version of the Ondes Martenot Palme Diffuseur speaker!

Flanger Plugin FLAN-W

Flange your guitar, drums, vocal - the famous vintage effect as VST plugin for Windows - free !


This effect will make any synthesizer saw wave sound like the famous S-Wave from R.
Can be used for any other signal too to give it a 6x unisono vibrance.

RING-O Ringmodulator

RING-O is a tool for mangling your audio up to total distortment, but can also apply subtle effects if used carefully. Free !


Our new effort to bring analog sound into your computer. Mixtube simulates a tube input stage of a vintage mixing console, giving your mix this full and warm sound so much sought-after.

M-ST Mono-Stereo Tool

M-ST gives you continuous adjustment of the stereo width of an audio signal quick and easy.

BassPlus Bass Enhancer

BassPlus enhances the lower end of drums and other sounds, based on a detector algo.

EFU-1 Echo Freeze Unit

A flexible delay unit with a musical sound and a special extra: a “hold” function that freezes your audio on the fly and plays it back with seamless speed ajust. Read the details for this interesting new plugin.


An analog style filterbank. 8 adjustable BP filters for drastic effects on the incoming audio. Try it for free!

StepCut modulated filter

Stepcut is a dual modulated multi-filter plugin. An LFO and a stepsequencer control the cutoff frequency to generate straight or strange modulation effects. Click image to read more!

BFS-1 Frequency Shifter

The BFS-1 is an emulation of the famous Bode frequency shifter, a very rare and expensive effect used in the Moog™ modular system. Click the image for more infos and sound examples.

dTUNE Soft Detuner

Add detuned voices to your synth or any other signal for a sound more full and rich.

Lexor Goldchorus

High quality stereo chorus modulation effect.

CromFX Vintage Effects

The effect section of Cromina String Machine (chorus, phaser, delay) with enhanced options.

SIMPREV simple reverb

An easy to use reverb plugin for Windows.
Get it now for free!

XPHASER Dual Phasing Plugin

XPhaser offers the power of two different phasers with a variety of possible adjustments behind an easy to use interface.


Give every sound that Moog™ grumble.
V1.2 with MIDI envelope control and envelope follower.


Recreating the soft chorus sound of the classic Roland™ Dimension D unit.

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  1. Korg Vst Plugin Download

FREE VST PLUGINS VST Effects Effects. VST Effects Effects Modulation. Nembrini Audio – Analog Rack Chorus. Analog Rack Chorus size 28 MB / 18 MB Analog Rack Chorus is a very simple but powerful chorus plugin inspired by the most famous Chorus pedals and rack effect units. Tempo detection and editing. The Sound Editor, offering unique control overtone colours. Comprehensive functions for the editing of scales, tuning systems and temperaments. Inspectors for quick access to all parameters. Polyphonic audio-to-MIDI export. Full compatibility: VST 3, AU, AAX, stand-alone. Telephone Effect VST Plugin Category: Filters You can see a photo of Telephone Effect found to the left. About: Telephone VST Plugin can be used to make a audio conversation sound like it is taking place over the tele.

Top 10 FREE Plugins 2019. Some come as VST, AU, and even AAX. These are the best free effects plugins for your DAW.

Whether you use FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro or any Digital Audio Workstation, you'll want to try out these plug-ins.

Sometimes the best sounds don't come from the initial samples themselves but actually the effects added to them.

These 10 VST effects range from compressors and sequencers to reverb and distortion.

Chart of the Best Free VST Effects Plugins

This table includes all of the free vst effects plugins that are in the article below.

Plugin NameAvailable Plugin FormatsSupported OS
Rough Rider 3VST, AU, & AAXWindows, Mac, Linux
GlitchVST (32-bit only)Windows
Freq EchoVST, AU, & AAXWindows, Mac, Linux
HysteresisVST & AUWindows & Mac
FractureVST & AUWindows & Mac
AmbienceVST & AUWindows & Mac
Ozone ImagerVST, AU, & AAXWindows & Mac
KrushVST, AU, & AAXWindows & Mac
TremoloVST & AUWindows & Mac
TAL-Chorus-LXVST, AU, & AAXWindows, Mac, Linux

1. Rough Rider 3

Rough Rider is a compressor that has a little bit of a vintage vibe to it, giving whatever you throw it onto a warm sound. Its interface is easy to look at, as well as understand and use.

Get it here: Rough Rider Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

2. Glitch

This next one is kind of like a multi-tool for those glitchy sound effects. Glitch is essentially a sequencer that comes with 9 effects that can be added in via color codes.

Korg Vst Plugin Download

Get it here: Glitch Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

3. Freq Echo


Freq Echo is a Frequency Shifter combined with an Analog Echo Emulation that's able to produce chorus effects, double tracking, phasing, flanging and even more. With its minimalistic interface, you won't need to freak out about how to use the thing either.

Get it here: FreqEcho Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

4. Hysteresis


A delay effect with stutter, low pass filter and modulation all in one. This is another effect for those electronic musicians and sound designers who want to add a glitchy feel to their productions.

Get it here: Hysteresis Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

5. Fracture

Fracture is a plugin with a buffer effect, filter, 3 LFOs, and a delay. All of these can be rearranged in the effect chain to drastically change the output of the patch.

Get it here: Fracture Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

6. Ambience

Ambience is a reverb effect with a ton of parameters to change, as well as a bunch of presets. This plugin is said to compete with the best commercial reverb plugins.

Although that may only be an opinion, this effect definitely gives you a lot of quality to work with.

Get it here: Ambience Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

7. Ozone Imager

Understanding the dynamic range of what you're creating can help shed light on what aspects of your mix need tweaking.

Using Ozone Imager, you can visualize and change the stereo image of your sounds, essentially allowing you to widen or narrow down your mix.

Get it here: Ozone Imager Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

8. Krush

Krush is a bit-crusher with the ability to reduce bit depth and sample rate. It has a built-in filter and Its interface is clean and easy to navigate.

If you already have a bit crusher, you still might want to check it out. It's certainly capable of more than just that.

Get it here: Krush Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

9. Tremolo

Adding tremolo to your composition can help make it more lively and interesting. Not to mention it can offer a unique approach to sound design.

This plugin is a great way to modify the way your notes sound and can even be synced with the host tempo to align the rhythm.

Get it here: Tremolo Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

10. TAL-Chorus-LX

This chorus effect by TAL is a simple plugin capable of widening and adding depth to your music. It has to different modes you can select so getting lost in features isn't an issue, yet there's enough in this plugin to do its job well.

Get it here: Chorus-LX Effect Plugin (FREE Download)

More FREE Plugins!

With those gems revealed to you, you're bound to find at least one that will inspire your next sound.

I hope you enjoyed these top 10 free effect plugins and if you did, let us know what one you liked best. If you didn't, let us know what one we missed. As always, thanks for reading!.