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Sony's mirrorless cameras are incredible tools for filmmakers and photographers alike, but are known for their problematic color science and issues rendering skintones when using the native Sony Slog 3 LUT.

Sony Slog2 To Rec709 Lut

LUT and ART files for on-set monitoring and color grading. Designed for use with files from the VENICE motion picture camera. BEAUTIFUL SONY FOOTAGE RENEGADE 2 IS A COLLECTION OF LUTS MADE FOR S-LOG 2 Add cinematic color grades to your Sony footage in one easy step. INSTANT DOWNLOAD! ADD TO CART EASY TO USE Just pick the LUT you'd like and apply it to any shot with one click! WORKS IN MOST APPS Editing and color apps, even Photoshop, our LUTs work in just about anything.


The CINECOLOR Slog 3 LUT aims to alleviate these issues by slightly shifting midtone contrast, saturation, and overall color balance to achieve a more neutral starting point for your creative grade. The effect isn't drastic, but just visible enough to push your colors into a slightly more natural and organic place, compared with the native Sony look.

The LUT included in this download package is intended to be used in place of Sony's native LUT, not in addition to it. Simply apply the CINECOLOR Slog 3 LUT to your raw footage to convert to Rec 709 with the enhance color palette.

Sony Slog2 Lut Downloads Video

It's worth noting that this LUT was created specifically for the A7S II, but will also yield great results with other Sony cameras that shoot Slog 3.

Sony Fs7 Slog2 Lut Download

Download our new Free Sony LUTs collection and make stylized color grading in several clicks. It contains 100 premium-quality effects that will interest both professional and hobbyist video editors, as you’ll be able to choose between options suitable for travel, business, real estate, wedding, and other movie projects.