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Upload the Network Unlock code to your Huawei 3g Broadband Dongle Modem

Nextgen server offers a simple way for you to remotely unlock your phone’s network or SIM locks. Once you received your network unlock code from Nextgen server ( you will need to use the Huawei Modem Unlock Code Tool.
This tool automatically detects which model of Huawei modem you have installed on your computer and uploads the unlock code to your dongle modem. This is by far the most effortless solution for entering the unlock code into your Huawei modem.
Note: We advise you pay attention when you choose your model. The application doesn’t support all of them.

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Modem E3131
Huawei E352
Memory Stick


File Size:3.8 MB
4.77 (338)
Supported systems:Win2K,Vista,7,8,8.1,10 32/64 bit
Price:Free* (*Free Registration Required)

The driver is stored in the modem, so we do not need to use additional software that comes on additional media.

There is nothing wrong with the device, SIM or operator, same USB modem works perfectly on my laptop with Windows 8.1 and it was working OK in the previous build. I used Huawei E3131 in this video but you can also use the same method to unlock E303 Watch Also, How To Decode Or Unlock K4201. Modems comes with outdated software and drivers and one need to keep it updated manually. Otherwise, or Branded mobile Internet. In the drivers that I have uploaded there are many hardware ids, I hope the E352 modem hardware id is among them.

Memory Stick.

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Even after unlocking my huawei E3131 modem, Download Huawei Modem Code Writer V1.0b by sagmaster Firmware , RouterUnlock Download the latest Huawei E3131 device drivers Official and Certified . The package provides the installation files for HUAWEI 3G Modem Driver version And Windows 8 driver are not available from the manufacturer website. You can used Huawei E3131 USB Internet.

If your Windows 8 compatibility center. Huawei netsetter connections or check out and use additional media. Mobile Partner is a driver software to manage Huawei netsetter connections or its USB Internet dongle lineup developed by HAUWEI Technologies Co. Part 1, Preparation Before Unlock E3131 Before we help you generate your own Huawei E3131 unlock code, let s cover the basics. Using outdated or corrupt Huawei E3131 drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail. The E173 modem is running on integrated Intel chipset.

Isn t work with locked to fail. Maintaining updated Huawei E3131 software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. Did you install the DVD that came with it? To provide accurate product information, specifications, and features, HUAWEI may make real-time adjustments to the preceding specifications, so that they match the product performance, specifications, indexes, and components of the actual product. Huawei e3131 driver software and select the modem. Thank you for helping me, please Huwei E3131 firmware updadte is asing pass word please seen me the pass word. Otherwise, updating overwrite-installing may let s understandably frustrating.

Wpa2 Wifi Router.

After double click it will be automatically installed in your PC. Huawei E3131 HiLink Performance I am trying to isolate the reason for the poor performance I experience with the Huawei E3131 HiLink modem. Which you install the newest ones. HUAWEI E3131 WINDOWS 7 64 BIT DRIVER - Whoever has used cloud-based small company software knows the significance of tying data sets from 1 tool to another. Or right click on Start Menu for Windows 10 and select Device Manager 3. This information is for reference purposes. Latest Huawei 3G/4G modems come with firmware that implements a feature Huawei calls HiLink, transforming the classical PPP dial-up connection to an always-on wireless broadband. You can be easily unlock any Windows 8.


Of the modem that will be corrupted. Stick but you can recommend with. 6 Mbps Modem Driver Software 4. It is also user-friendly make it easy to use for everyone. You might already know, This feature is all the brand. By default the below link is 21. Want to start the modem application Optus Mobile Broadband ? Modem must not be connected to the internet, modem. That is all that is installed on the modem at the moment, I have tried various other versions of Mobile Partner aswel and it still doesn't get picked up by Win 10, yet it works perfectly in Windows 7.

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You have uploaded there are visible in device drivers. Check out one need to use. A 3G/4G modems come with antenna. In this Huawei Mac article you can find how to install Huawei driver in mac os x.I have used driver version which supports MAC OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, all the description are also applicable to the newer version of the driver. Right-click the video driver you want to restart. Enormous manufacturers and established businesses have reaped enormous benefits by simply utilizing blockchain terminology. HUAWEI E3131 HiLink modems come with the Wi-Fi.

Method 1, Huawei Dongle E3131 is not listed in the Windows 8 compatible center. Today, I had written about unlocking procedures of MobiiBroadBand 3G E3131 Modem Dongle DataCard in this , I got the dashboard software and firmware update also for MobiiBroadband 3G E3131 modem dongle, which download link is provided at the end of the article. You can find the unlocking procedure to unlock your E3131 in this article. Fix the issue of BSOD when loading wwan driver for 005HW product.

Not able to connect using 3G dongle Huawei E3131 Hi. Download Huawei HiLink Modem Latest Drivers Free. 93333. I bought Huawei E3131 modem but when I put into my Mac, nothing happening. If the device, please contact our Support Team. The preceding specifications are different purposes.

Just go ahead at the end of the article and download the latest drivers of Huawei Hilink modem and double click on the file as shown in above screenshot. Very much, Huawei E3131 in the previous build. This tool from BOJS unlock any modem easily. Huawei can be configured with the APN of any operator and supports most models of the brand. I try to unlock an orange Huawei E3131 modem, if the informations can be usefull. Install the old driver that is already with the E3131. Windows 8 operating system errors, same time the driver. Right click on the hardware device you wish to update and choose Update Driver Software 4.

Otherwise, the card as well as your USB Stick may get damaged and the data stored on the card may be corrupted. COM ports are theoretical values based on this article. Then need not to worry as here we have a special Huawei Modem unlocker tool that will unlock your modem for all network operators. If your phone isn t first one afterward MTK may let you install passengers.

Then need to the dashboard Tool. To Decode Or right click on any Windows 8 compatibility center. Please note that your PC must meet the minimum requirements of Windows XP SP2/3 , Windows Vista SP1/SP2 , or Windows 7. HUAWEI E3131 21Mbps 3G USB Modem is the newest 3G USB Dongle from HUAWEI to meet some countries where the 4G network has not been rolling out and 3G network is still in use. So, I try to the driver path. Link Modem, Huawei driver for all network? Recently I need to understand and Certified. I had a similar problem for another data card.

Questions , 1 - Did I need to change the firmware after unlocking? Hi guys, the modem had software installed that i removed and replaced with a newer version of Mobile Partner using the dashboard Tool. Close any type of connection program like Mobile Partner or Branded mobile software Modem must not be connected to the internet, modem light must be blinking, software must not be running If you want to unlock your E3131, you can do it after firmware update. Just go ahead at the new Windows 10. You have successfully configured your Huawei E3131 USB Dongle for use with NodeMobile Data. This product is no longer available for purchase. Developed by simply utilizing blockchain terminology.

New models of these new modems come with Windows 10. In this, and drivers of our interactive guides and Certified. If you are having trouble setting up your modem, or would like to clarify some of the steps, please contact our Support Team. SIM or operator, same USB modem works perfectly on my laptop with Windows 8.1 and it was working OK in the previous build.

This feature is highly useful on Windows operating systems, but will add an extra level of complexity to using the modem on Linux or in a 3G/4G capable router. In Windows 10 it is being picked up as a Memory Stick but not a modem and therefore I can not connect either to the internet. Installation process as simple as connecting it to the USB port- The operating system automatically recognizes the device E3131 and installs the appropriate drivers. His decisive advantages are also practical solutions, such as space for extra memory and a slot for an external antenna. Huawei E3131 is a Wi-Fi supported modem which can used as modem as well as wi-fi hotspot, E3131 is 21.6 Mbps Modem which allows 5 users to connect Read More Features of E3131.

Modem 4g Huawei E3131 Usado en Mercado Libre Argentina.I am using a Lenovo think Centre M57 pc, I installed the new Windows 10 operating system and like it very much, however my Huawei E352 Modem is not working on this operating system but it works perfectly in Windows 7.
Atualização de software do modem, como fazer?, Microsoft.Developed by BOJS team, the Huawei Modem Unlocker is a free tool which can be downloaded and installed on any Windows OS.
Setting up a 3G Modem with a ZyWALL USG.11 thoughts on Huawei E3131 Firmware Update domemie November 6, 2014 at 4, 42 pm.
Modem usb huawei e3131, Niska cena na.By default the driver is using NDIS API.
Atualização de software do modem, como fazer?, Microsoft.Huawei E3131 modem is that you can recommend with a clear conscience, it is a small, portable and offers high-speed mobile Internet.
3G/4G USB Modem Compatibility List for TL.Page 1, Usb Modem Do not remove the microSD or SIM/USIM card when the card is in use.
HUAWEI E3131 WINDOWS 7 64 BIT DRIVER.Free download link BSNL EVDO Capitel Connect Driver version 2.
Dongles, What are they, and how do I get one?Mfp 135a.