Pop Up Card Designer Pro Serial Key

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  1. Pop Up Card Designer Pro Serial Keys

Do you want to create a pop-up but are you not sure what to make or where to start? Then you should definitely take a look at the following websites where you can find many templates to make your own pop-ups. From well-known Paper Engineers to crafting aunties, they are all on this page. There’s a big variety of nice pop-up designs that will ensure you hours of paper crafting pleasure. Also, most of these pop-up templates are print-ready and can be downloaded in PDF format. So let’s get started. Pick a nice pop-up design, turn your printer on and get started right away!

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Robert Sabuda

Robert Sabuda is one of the biggest names in pop-up culture and must-have pop-up book authors. He offers a big variety of print-ready pop-up templates on his website where you can choose from both easy and difficult pop-ups. View Templates.

Matthew Reinhart

Matthew Reinhart is a Paper Engineer and pop-up book creator who is best known for his advanced and outstanding paper engineering. On his website you’ll find many print-ready pop-up templates that are easy and fun to make! View Templates.

David A. Carter

Paper Engineer and pop-up book author David A. Carter offers a selection of pop-up templates from his Elements of Pop-Up to try out some pop-up techniques as defined in this useful instruction manual. These templates are print-ready and vary from easy to difficult. View templates.

Ray Marshall

Ray Marshall is a paper engineer and pop-up book author and is best known for his best-selling Paper Blossoms pop-up book. Take a look at the DIY page on his website to find some fun and easy to make pop-up templates to create your own pop-ups and paper crafts. View templates.

Peter Dahmen

Peter Dahmen is a designer and paper artist, specialized in paper engineering and pop-ups. He is a developer of pop-up cards and foldable artworks made from paper and cardboard. On his website you’ll find some great templates to create your own pop-ups. View templates.

Keith Allen

Keith Allen, Paper Engineer and creator of the beautiful What a Mess! pop-up book, has uploaded some fun DIY paper projects on his website. You’ll find a cool paper craft play scene, coloring pages, patterns and also a pop-up template of a basic pop-up technique. View templates.

David Hawcock

David Hawcock is a paper engineer and author known for many pop-up book titles and the design and production of pop-up art and paper-engineered products. Take a look a look at the PDF templates on his website and create your own three-dimensional paper models. View templates.

Tina Kraus

Tina Kraus is a freelance illustrator and paper engineer who specializes in working with paper and the creation of pop-up cards and pop-up books. She offers a nice collection of print-ready templates on her website for you to make your own pop-ups and paper toys! View templates.


On this website you will find a series of lessons to teach you the basic techniques for creating pop-ups. There’s also a large number of creative pop-up card and craft designs to find along with templates and tutorials. View templates.


Any occasion can be made more festive with a handcrafted pop-up card from Aunt Annie’s Crafts. Whether if it’s a birthday or Valentine’s day or even Halloween, just follow Aunt Annie’s simple instructions! View templates.

Creativepopupcards.com (paid)

Rich, the creator of this website is intrigued by the mechanics of pop-ups and therefore creates pop-up cards that have interesting mechanics, but are also easy to assemble. The website offers a large amount of (paid) pop-up templates together with corresponding video tutorials. View templates.

Pop Up Card Designer Pro Serial Keys

Makepopupcards.com (paid)

Katherine Belsey is a designer and Paper Engineer specialized in paper art and pop-ups. On her website you will find lots of information about making pop-ups and also many tutorials and pop-up templates. These (paid) templates come in a big variety of creative pop-up designs. View templates.

With this wide choice of pop-up templates, chances are big that you’ve found some nice pop-up designs that you’d like to make yourself. These templates are very useful to learn and to understand more about all kinds of different paper mechanisms and pop-up techniques. When you practice them over and over again, you’ll teach yourself how pop-ups work and be able to design them yourself one day. They also come in handy if you just want to make a beautiful pop-up card to give or send to your family of friends. Just be as creative as you want and have fun making pop-ups!

Show your creations!

Our Community Forum is a great place to share your paper creations with other pop-up fans and paper engineers. Get ideas and inspiration or share useful tips and advice with each other about all things paper!

Registration to the forum is free and will take less than a minute so join now!

On this page you’ll find all steps that are needed to create and publish your own pop-up book. A detailed step-by-step guide to get you started with your pop-up book project. View page…

Books are perfect to learn more about paper engineering and making pop-ups. From pop-up techniques to pop-up templates, you can find them all in our book selection. View books…

There are a lot of great video tutorials to find on the Internet that teach you how to make a pop-up. Start with the basics or just pick a nice pop-up design to create yourself! Watch tutorials…

Making pop-ups is the most fun when you have good tools to work with. We’ve made a selection of the most useful products when it comes to working with paper. View supplies…

1) Available model: Deco Series, Deco Pro, Artist Series, Innovator Series.
2) ArtRage Lite for Deco Series
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Please note: openCanvas 7 is not available for Mac.
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b) Close this window and select 'Visit the page to download'. You will be directed to the landing page of ArtRage, please register an account.

Pop up card designer pro serial keys

c) After logging in or registering an account, you will be directed to the Member page of ArtRage.
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The process is completed!
5. a) If you are getting ArtRage 5 or openCanvas (information about the software will appear at page bottom), select 'Get the secret key'.

If you are getting ArtRage 5, please follow the same instructions as ArtRage Lite above

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