Pool Studio For Mac

Design professional landscape plans and presentations.
Create photo-based designs, plan drawings, and even full
3D walkthroughs, all for only $399.95

Design professional landscape plans and presentations.
Create photo-based designs, plan drawings, and even full
3D walkthroughs, all for only $399.95

Professional Swimming Pool Design Software

  1. Adds professional 3D pool items with our 3D pool design app. Create 3D walkthrough movies. 1000's of new items, shapes and tools for the most design features for your pool & landscape design program! Add instant effects to your plans to create full watercolor plans, pencil or ink sketches and more!
  2. For High-End OutdoorLiving Designers. Everything in Pool Studio, plus: Virtual Reality & 360° Photos. Import from Sketchup/FBX. Automatic Spec Sheets.
  3. Welcome to Colorado Pools Unlimited Colorado Pools Unlimited has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of swimming pools and built-in spas. When a client of Denver's premiere landscape architecture and design firms wants a custom built swimming pool, they call Colorado Pools Unlimited.
  4. 2021 Fall Target x Studio McGee. Discover new ways to create cozy corners of your home this fall. Virtually tour our pool and pool house!

Impress your clients with detailed 2D and 3D swimming pool designs using Realtime Landscaping Architect. Create virtually any conceivable swimming pool design with ease, and stand out among your competition with faster and more detailed designs.

  • Design professional swimming pool plans
  • Create effective presentations and videos
  • Powerful, yet easy to use design tools
  • 17,000 objects, including 7,400 plants

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Design Below Ground and Above Ground Pools

Design both above ground pools and below ground pools using Realtime Landscaping Architect. Both types of pools are simple to design, yet offer an incredible amount of versatility.

Below ground swimming pools can be built in virtually any size and shape imaginable, from simple kidney-shaped designs to fully customized creations.

Above ground swimming pools are created in the same freeform fashion as below ground pools, and are simply elevated with a few clicks of the mouse.


Design Spas and Hot Tubs

Create an unlimited variety of spas using the intuitive spa design tools included with Realtime Landscaping Architect. Design spas that flow into a swimming pool, are elevated or recessed into the pool decking, and even spas with infinity edges.

Add pre-built hot tubs to your swimming pool design with only a few clicks of the mouse. Choose from dozens of different hot tub styles, and customize the materials to accommodate your design ideas.

Create Detailed Swimming Pool Plans

Customize your swimming pool design in 2D to provide professional swimming pool plans. Choose between stylized options like watercolor or colored pencil, a traditional CAD style, or a realistic top-down view of the swimming pool design. Print your pool plan, e-mail it to a client or contractor, or even upload your plan to a website. Switch between the 2D Plan View and the 3D Perspective View with one click of the mouse.

Create Infinity Edge Designs

Infinity edges add a stunning effect to your swimming pool designs. Use infinity edges to create an optical illusion, to join a spa with a swimming pool, or simply to create a tranquil water flow.

Multiple types of infinity edge profiles are available, allowing you to achieve the perfect swimming pool design. When viewing your design in the Realtime Walkthrough, water will realistically flow over each infinity edge.

Realistic Steam and Bubbling Spa Water

Spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools now support animated steam and turbulent bubbling water. Pre-built standalone hot tubs now also support realistic reflections and refractions.

Add Pool Stairs and Pool Seats

Design swimming pool seats and stairs in any shape and size needed to complement your swimming pool plan. Both curved and sharp shapes are supported. Many powerful options are available for determining the style of pool seats and stairs, such as the ability to set the rise and run of a set of pool stairs.

Customize both nosing and tile for each seat or set of pool stairs, adding an unprecedented level of detail to your 3D swimming pool design. Choose from hundreds of nosing and tile options.

Swimming Pool Accessories from S.R. Smith

Customize your swimming pool design with more than 300 high quality pool accessories, including dozens of products from S.R. Smith. Use accessories to bring your designs to life, making them stand out among the competition.

Pool accessories include diving boards, handrails, pool ladders, water slides, pool toys, drains, filters, and more. Each swimming pool accessory can be resized as needed, and the materials of an accessory can be changed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Import custom swimming pool accessories from the Google 3D Warehouse, expanding the available accessory options even further.

Plan Swimming Pool Lighting Designs

Visualize your swimming pool design at night, illuminated by adjustable pool lights. Add a pool light with just a few clicks of the mouse and then customize the light as needed.

Swimming pool lights can be placed on the walls or the floor of the swimming pool design. The brightness, color, size, and materials of the lights can be adjusted freely.

Illustrate Nearby Features

Design houses, decks, fencing, yards, gardens, roads, and much more with easy-to-use tools. Design the area around the swimming pool to increase the professionalism of your swimming pool plan by putting the pool into context.

Win more bids by showing your clients their complete landscape with your swimming pool design as the focal point.

'The software is a complete set of tools for designing lawns, buildings, decks, patios, edging, retaining walls and other landscaping features.' - Landscape Architect magazine review

Download Option: Immediately after making your purchase, you will have the option of downloading the software.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with Realtime Landscaping Architect, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. More

Ninja is yet another build system. It takes as input theinterdependencies of files (typically source code and outputexecutables) and orchestrates building them, quickly.

Ninja joins a sea of other build systems. Its distinguishing goal isto be fast. It is born frommywork on the Chromium browser project, which has over 30,000 sourcefiles and whose other build systems (including one built from customnon-recursive Makefiles) would take ten seconds to start buildingafter changing one file. Ninja is under a second.

Where other build systems are high-level languages, Ninja aims to bean assembler.

Build systems get slow when they need to make decisions. When you arein a edit-compile cycle you want it to be as fast as possible — youwant the build system to do the minimum work necessary to figure outwhat needs to be built immediately.

Ninja contains the barest functionality necessary to describearbitrary dependency graphs. Its lack of syntax makes it impossibleto express complex decisions.

Instead, Ninja is intended to be used with a separate programgenerating its input files. The generator program (like the./configure found in autotools projects) can analyze systemdependencies and make as many decisions as possible up front so thatincremental builds stay fast. Going beyond autotools, even build-timedecisions like 'which compiler flags should I use?' or 'should Ibuild a debug or release-mode binary?' belong in the .ninja filegenerator.

Here are the design goals of Ninja:

Visual Studio For Mac

  • very fast (i.e., instant) incremental builds, even for very large projects.
  • very little policy about how code is built. Different projects and higher-level build systems have different opinions about how code should be built; for example, should built objects live alongside the sources or should all build output go into a separate directory? Is there a 'package' rule that builds a distributable package of the project? Sidestep these decisions by trying to allow either to be implemented, rather than choosing, even if that results in more verbosity.
  • get dependencies correct, and in particular situations that are difficult to get right with Makefiles (e.g. outputs need an implicit dependency on the command line used to generate them; to build C source code you need to use gcc’s -M flags for header dependencies).
  • when convenience and speed are in conflict, prefer speed.

Some explicit non-goals:

  • convenient syntax for writing build files by hand. You should generate your ninja files using another program. This is how we can sidestep many policy decisions.
  • built-in rules. Out of the box, Ninja has no rules for e.g. compiling C code.
  • build-time customization of the build. Options belong in the program that generates the ninja files.
  • build-time decision-making ability such as conditionals or search paths. Making decisions is slow.

To restate, Ninja is faster than other build systems because it ispainfully simple. You must tell Ninja exactly what to do when youcreate your project’s .ninja files.

Ninja is closest in spirit and functionality to Make, relying onsimple dependencies between file timestamps.

But fundamentally, make has a lot of features: suffix rules,functions, built-in rules that e.g. search for RCS files when buildingsource. Make’s language was designed to be written by humans. Manyprojects find make alone adequate for their build problems.

In contrast, Ninja has almost no features; just those necessary to getbuilds correct while punting most complexity to generation of theninja input files. Ninja by itself is unlikely to be useful for mostprojects.

Here are some of the features Ninja adds to Make. (These sorts offeatures can often be implemented using more complicated Makefiles,but they are not part of make itself.)

Pool Studio For Mac

  • Ninja has special support for discovering extra dependencies at build time, making it easy to get header dependencies correct for C/C++ code.
  • A build edge may have multiple outputs.
  • Outputs implicitly depend on the command line that was used to generate them, which means that changing e.g. compilation flags will cause the outputs to rebuild.
  • Output directories are always implicitly created before running the command that relies on them.
  • Rules can provide shorter descriptions of the command being run, so you can print e.g. CC foo.o instead of a long command line while building.
  • Builds are always run in parallel, based by default on the number of CPUs your system has. Underspecified build dependencies will result in incorrect builds.
  • Command output is always buffered. This means commands running in parallel don’t interleave their output, and when a command fails we can print its failure output next to the full command line that produced the failure.