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A truly addictive, innovative game

Download Pokemon Go, and you’ll find yourself dealing with the same premise - gotta catch them all. However, this time, you’ll be doing so by walking the streets of your city.

Pokemon will have a new game for smartphones: Pokemon Masters. The new game was announced during the last 2019 Pokemon press conference. Developed by DeNA in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, it’s expected to reach Android and iOS smartphones this 2019. It’ll include characters from all the games in the saga and 3v3 battles. Best Ever Pokemon Game For Android - Mons Trainer #neongamer #neongameryt Please Like, Share & Subscribe! Hello today i donwload pokemon romhack pokemon tetha emerald and pokemon glazed, and i tried patching the emerald base rom with nups i download from this site, but i got failed notification says the patch doesnt match the file. But i sure use pokemon emerald as base game. I tried download another emerald rom but the results is the same as the previous effort. Please the enlightment.

A changed reality

Pokemon Go is a game for smartphones that enables you to catch Pokemon in an augmented real world using a map and your phone’s GPS.

With your GPS, the camera of your phone, and mapping technology, this game changes the real world as you see it. The premise is simple - catch all the creatures around you. Without a time limit and consequences, if you fail, Pokemon Go relies on its addictiveness to keep you going.

There are 151 distinct Pokemon to catch, and the nearest will pop up on your phone. When you come near one, hurl a Pokeball on it - if you're lucky, you'll catch it.

The idea behind the game is to have children notice the world around them. Since its release, it has sent hundreds outside to play. Although the game graphics aren't ideal, though, with broad, blandly drawn characters, with such exciting gameplay, that hardly matters.

The game uses real-life locations to encourage players to go out in search of Pokemon. You may download it free of charge, but there are also specific in-app purchases to boost your experience with power-ups and extra items.

Note that this game will eat up your data and battery - make sure you have enough of both if you're moving outside the range of WiFi and a charger. Another issue is that Niantic, the company behind the game, gains a massive amount of access to your personal information.

Where can you run this program?

When it comes to Android devices, this game runs on OS versions 5.0 and above. Apple devices 12.1.2 and above also support it.

Is there a better alternative?

No, Pokemon Go is, at the moment, one of a kind. However, if you’re looking for similar games, Geocaching, Ingress, and Mobbles offer similar excitement and get you moving to go through the gameplay.

Pokemon Best Ever Game Download For Android Apk

Our take

Pokemon Go is a game providing definite hours of fun 100% free of charge. However, be careful while playing and mind your actual environment.

Should you download it?

Pokemon Best Ever Game Download For Android

Yes, if you heard about the game and felt drawn to the hype. It provides a unique playing experience that is completely addictive - and healthy!


  • Innovative gameplay
  • An addictive game
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Real-world augmentation
  • Live-action adds to the excitement


  • Graphics not perfect
  • Data-hungry
  • Battery power-hungry

Pokemon GOfor Android


Pokémon games for Android 【2021】

Looking for Pokémon Games for your Mobile? Enter Here and Download the best Pokémon Games for Android. Free download and 100% secure.

Download The Best Pokémon Games for Android for free

Game Downloader Free Download

1. Pokémon Quest

Pokemon Quest is a new and one of the best Pokémon games for Android from The Pokemon Company. It was recently launched in Google Play Store for Android devices, with your favorite Pokémon characters, such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and many more. In the game, you manage your own Pokémon island, find the hidden treasure, make a final Pokémon team and defeat the enemies. Its graphics are incredible, the gameplay is amazing with smooth controls and you will love it very much. Download Pokemon Quest for Android.

Descargar Pokémon Quest 【GRATIS】

2. Pet Alliance 2

Pet Alliance 2 is a good game for lovers of Pokémon games because it has many features similar to Pokémon games, such as the Evolution system, the Update, the Training, the Battle and more. It is a role-playing game in which you train your monsters, fight in PvP battles, evolve, upgrade and upgrade your pets in more powerful ways. It has real-time battle mode, trading system, PvP fights and much more. It has good graphics, the gameplay is very addictive. One of the best Pokemon games for Android.

Descargar Pet Alliance 2【GRATIS】

3. Drakomon - Battle & Catch


Drakomon is another of the best Pokemon games for Android [Clone]. In the game, you explore, you catch monsters and you fight in battles, you train monsters and you evolve dragon monsters. It is a really fun game for those who love to play Pokemon games. It has good graphics, the game is too addictive. There are many things to do, such as dressing up your trainer, catching monsters, challenging other coaches from around the world and demonstrating your skills to fight in multiplayer online PvP mode.


Descargar Drakomon - Battle & Catch【GRATIS】

4. Pokemon Playhouse

It is specially designed for children in which the player takes care of Pokémon. This is probably the best Pokémon game on Android for kids in which there are many things to do, like identifying the Pokémon in the night sky, taking care of your Pokémon, listening to stories and following exciting Pokémon adventures. Explore several areas (the tower, the Louge and the Playground), meet new Pokémon, hatch eggs and complete activities

Descargar Pokemon Playhouse 【GRATIS】

5. Pokemon Magikarp Jump

It is one of the best rated Pokémon games for Android in which you train Magikarp to increase its jumping power. Feed your Magikarp, discover all kinds of Magikarp, fix your pond with decorations and complete the challenges. It is a really fun, challenging and addictive Pokémon game for Android.


6. Pokemon Duel


Pokemon Duel is a strategy board game in which you plan your strategy and defeat your opponents in real time. The goal is to be the first player to get one of your figures for your opponent's goal. You have to establish a strategic formation and attack your opponent to block his path. Pokemon Duel is one of the best Pokemon games for Android that you should play

Descargar Pokemon Duel 【GRATIS】

7. The Grass War 2

The Grass War 2 is an amazing Pokemon game for Android. If you are looking for a game of Pokémon offline, then The Grass War 2 would be the best option. The game has many Pokémon, each Pokémon uses three types of attack in the battle to kill the opposing Pokémon. The game also includes multiplayer mode, you can play with your friend (LAN multiplayer support). But the game is in a different language, you may not understand the game.


8. Monster Super League

If you are looking for a Pokémon cloning game, then Monster Super League would be an excellent option. It is one of the best Pokemon games for Android, developed by FTT Inc., the creators of the DC Unchained game. In the game, you trap Astromon and build the team to defeat the enemies in the battle. The game has more than 550 Astromon; Evolve and make them stronger. All you need to do is hatch eggs, get Astromon, collect and evolve and fight. I recommend you try it.

Pokemon Free Download For Android

DESCARGAR Monster Super League【GRATIS】

9. Nexomon


Nexomon has been released for Android in the Google Play Store. This one of the best Pokémon games comes with impressive graphics and an excellent addictive gameplay in which you collect more than 300 Nexomon, evolve and save the world of King Nexomon. It is an adventurous Pokémon game with lots of fun, you can get it from Google Play Store for free [limited access] and for the full version, you only have to pay $ 0.99

Descargar Nexomon【GRATIS】
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