Omsi 2 Free Download For Android

  1. Omsi 2 free. download full Version

OMSI 2 gives you even more realism, more buses, more Spandau and dozens of new features. The highlights: - The articulated bus MAN NG272 with the exact physic and graphic replica of the articulation mechanism and the appropriate sounds and systems (bend damper). The MAN NL202 together with reworked and completed models of the SD200 and SD202.

Download OMSI2 Apk for free


OMSI2.apk is OMSI 2 port for Android. Please note that you must have a powerful phone to run the simulator and the controls are a bit buggy, but they work.

Omsi 2 free. download full Version

Right now you can only add buses and maps but the repaints don’t work! (we’re trying to fix this asap).

Android processors are very powerful and OMSI 2 runs great, but it’s locked on 30fps on most phones.

The file is around 86mb’s but the apk will need to download additional 1GB after you download it.

Price: Free but you need to finish offer
System Requirements: Android 4+
Kara3 for Menu and smartphone commands (turning and accelerate/brake), johan_994 for initial port and idea and Team OMSI-Z for apk port and downloader.

Download OMSI2 Apk for free