Nikon Capture Nx2 V2.3 Full Serial Key

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U PointTM Technology provides invisible, intelligent assistance to power a comprehensive range of tools for image-enhancement. U-PointTM offers easy selection of points-of-interest in your image with intuitive, easy adjustment of contrast, brightness and saturation, effective correction of unwanted red-eye, and precise adjustment of color balance. Simply click on the area you want to edit and adjust the sliders to see the effect of your corrections, instantly.

Nikon Capture Nx2 V2.3 Full Serial Key Code

Nikon's interface provides an intuitive access to all of the tools you need. Make your photographic possibilities endless and realize the power of your imagination with Capture NX. LCD, Video and Photo Gallery images are for illustrative purposes only. CPU: PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5, Intel Core Duo, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Xeon. Adobe dreamweaver cs5.5 serial key free download. Boostspeed 10 serial key. Nikon Capture NX2 Download with Product Key: Nikon Capture NX2 – the development of Nikon, fundamentally changing the principles of processing digital images, and not only cameras of its brand, but also any camera, regardless of the manufacturer. Free Nikon Capture NX2 2.4.6 Full Serial Key 103.5MB. Capture NX 2™ - Powerful tools for quick and easy photo editing. This free trial software may be used for evaluation purposes for 60 days after installation.

The Auto Retouch Brush allows accurate and convenient removal of unwanted detail. Simply select the area that needs enhancing and click on the dust spot or detail to be removed.

The Quick Fix palette combines frequently used tools in a single window to make it simple to quickly edit large batches of images. Tools include Level and Tone Curve, Exposure Compensation, Contrast, Highlight Protection, Shadow Protection and Saturation.

Nikon Capture Nx2 V2.3 Full Serial Key


Dual screen capability and fully customizable workspaces: Capture NX2’s dual screen capability allows you to extend your workspace, and four fully customizable workspaces – Browser, Metadata, Multi Purpose and Edit – allow you to personalize your selection of tools, create your own shortcuts and switch instantly between each workspace without loosing any data

Selection Control Point makes it easy to increase the apparent sharpness of details (Unsharp mask) or blur selected aspects of the image (Gaussian Blur), and can be used with virtually any image enhancement tool, including D-Lighting, Brightness, Color, Focus, Correction and Noise Reduction. Enhancements can be applied to the entire image or specific areas with a simple click of the mouse, without the need for precision selection or masks.

Download Nikon Nx2

Extensive Photo Management: a variety of ratings and labels that use XMP and IPTC standards make it easy to tag and sort images, and provide a seamless transition with ViewNX, Windows Vista or Adobe Bridge.