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My Tribe for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Create a prosperous island paradise for your industrious, intelligent tribe with this real-time Brain Teaser!! Dec 15, 2008 This game has everything to offer and much to explore. After reading the topics below you should be able to guide your tribe like a pro.


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My Tribe Pc Game Free Download

A tribe is a clan-based social structure. Tribe, tribes or the Tribe may also refer to:

  • Tribe (Native American), indigenous nations in the United States
  • Tribe (Greek), or phyle, an ancient Greek term for tribe or clan
  • Tribes, administrative divisions of the Tribal Assembly of ancient Rome
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes of India
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  • 4Art, entertainment, and media
    • 4.4Music


  • Laurence Tribe (born 1941), American law professor and author


  • Tribe (biology), a taxonomic classification in biology

Computing and Internet[edit]

  • Tribe (internet), an unofficial group of people who share a common interest, affiliated through the internet
  •, a social networking website
  • Tribe, a graphical installer for the Arch Linux distribution

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • The Tribe (1998 film), by Stephen Poliakoff
  • The Tribe (2009 film), by Roel Reiné
  • The Tribe (2005 film), a short documentary film by Tiffany Shlain
  • The Tribe (2014 film), a Ukrainian film by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy
  • The Tribe (2018 film), a Spanish comedy film
  • Tribes (film), a 1970 film directed by Joseph Sargent


  • Tribes (video game series), consisting of:

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Literature and publications[edit]

  • Tribe (comics), a short-lived comic series published by Image Comics
  • The Tribe (novel), a 2014 Australian novel by Michael Mohammed Ahmad
  • The Tribe (Monica's Gang), a Mauricio de Sousa creation related to Monica's Gang
  • Tribes (novel), a children's book by Arthur Slade
  • Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, a 2008 book by Seth Godin
  • Tribe, a 2016 book by Sebastian Junger
  • The Tribe, a 2014 book by Michael Mohammed Ahmad


Genres and rhythms[edit]

  • Tribal house, a subgenre of house music


  • Tribe (band), a U.S. rock group
  • Tribes (band), a British rock group
  • The Tribe (dance band), a British music group previously known as World Wide Message Tribe
  • A Tribe Called Quest, a hip hop musical group often referred to simply as 'Tribe'

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Record labels[edit]

  • Tribe Records (Norway), a Norwegian record label
  • Tribe Records, a Detroit record label
  • Tr1be Records, an English record label

Albums and EPs[edit]

  • Tribe (Bernie Taupin album), 1987
  • Tribe (Chase & Status album), 2017
  • Tribe (Enrico Rava album), 2011
  • Tribe (Queensrÿche album), 2003
  • Tribe (Sadist album), or the title track
  • Tribe (EP), by Soulfly
  • The Tribe (album), by Caspar Brötzmann


  • 'Tribe' (song), a 1999 song by Soulfly


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  • Tribe (Philippine TV series), a 30-minute TV show on the Net 25 channel
  • Tribe (UK TV series), a TV series by the BBC and the Discovery Channel (a.k.a. Going Tribal)
  • Tribes (TV series), a teen soap that aired in 1990
  • The Tribe (1999 TV series), a New Zealand TV series
  • The reality show Survivor refers to the teams as 'tribes'


  • Cleveland Indians, a Major League Baseball team nicknamed 'The Tribe'
  • William & Mary Tribe, the College of William & Mary's sports teams' nickname

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My Tribe Pc Game Full Version Free Download

  • Tribalism, ethnical groups

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