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Shadow Blade is a fast paced action platformer game for Android Devices with intuitive touch controls. It features intuitive touch controls and an array of weapons and challenging levels. Becoming a ninja is at your fingertips!

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With the help of the Moonlight Blade, destroy the Dro-m'Athra, Arum-Khal.
Zone:Northern Elsweyr
Objective:Ashen Scar — Help Vastarie stop the threat rising in Ashen Scar.
Quest Giver:Vastarie
Location(s):Ashen Scar, Hidden Moon Crypts, Arum-Khal's Realm
Prerequisite Quest:Path of the Hidden Moon
Reward:Shard of the Crossing
Ancient Moon Crescent
Pristine Moon Crescent
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain:Standard XP
'Azurah's pet arrives at last. I will teach you to fear the dark.'
Mazza-Mirri, the last surviving member of the Hidden Moon Order, led me to an enchanted Moonlight Blade. The soul of an ancient Khajiiti warrior resides within. With this enchanted blade, and Vastarie's help, I may be able to stop Arum-Khal.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk with Shando-ri.
  2. Recharge the Moonlight Blade by killing undead.
  3. Enter the Hidden Moon Crypts.
  4. Destroy Arum-Khal's phylacteries by killing his Shades.
  5. Kill Arum-Khal.
  6. Use the Moonlight Blade to enter Arum-Khal's Realm.
  7. Destroy his Arum-Khal's dark spirit for good.
  8. Escape the realm and talk with Vastarie.
  9. Perform the final ritual.
  10. Speak with Vastarie.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Defeat Arum-Khal's Shades

You'll need to kill 22 undead abominations to charge the Moonlight Blade's enchantment. Head into the Weeping Scar and start killing skeletons. Once you've charged the blade, head east, climb the hill and make a left turn. Keep walking along that ledge, which overlooks the Ashen Scar. A massive door depicting Azurah is here, and Shando-ri is looking up at it. Speak with him. Shando-ri explains that you need to shatter Arum-Khal's phylacteries and defeat the orbs' protectors: Arum-Khal's Shades. The Shades will attempt to flee, but Shando-ri will cross the breach and do away with them. He informs you that the power of the Moonlight Blade will be enough to deactivate the wards protecting the crypts in front of you. Hold the Moonlight Blade up, dissolve the wards, and enter the crypts.

'You always did underestimate me, Shando.'

To begin, you'll need to defeat Arum-Khal's Shades, which lie in the eastern and western chambers. The eastern and western hallways connected to the entrance are both straight shots in their respective directions. Head north in whichever hallway you choose, then turn east or west and enter the chamber. The shade to the west is a shadow mage, and the shade to the east is a shade sentinel. Both are magic users. Stay out of their snares and AoEs, and you'll be fine. After each Shade is defeated, Shando-ri will vanquish them. Once both Shades are down, head for the northernmost chamber, The Dark Adept's Crypt. There, you must face off against Arum-Khal.

Arum-Khal wields shadow magic. Take your time, heal as needed, avoid his AoEs and break free when he picks you up. Once Arum-Khal dies, he attempts to escape through his phylactery again. Use the Moonlight Blade on it to open a portal to his realm, then pursue him. Speak to Shando-ri once you enter Arum-Khal's Realm. He tells you that you must be the one to strike Arum-Khal down. Shando-ri is too weak to wield the Moonlight Blade. He bids you good luck.

Arum-Khal is redeemed

Head up the path to face the Dark Spirit of Arum-Khal. Here, he has the same abilities he did in the crypts, along with a single new spell. When the spirit's health hits a certain point, he will disappear and a ring of shadowy spirits called Darkness will surround you. As you fight them off, you will eventually be able to use the Moonlight Blade, on them which will automatically kill the remaining Darkness. Stay out of his AoEs and focus on one shadow at a time to pick them off quickly, allowing you to use the Moonlight Blade sooner. Try not to get overwhelmed. Once Arum-Khal is defeated again, the realm will start to collapse. Vastarie opens a portal back to Nirn for you, but you have the option of speaking with Shando-ri before leaving.

Head through the portal and speak with Vastarie. She was unable to remove Shando-ri from the realm, but you've successfully sundered Arum-Khal's spirit. She says she can try to reach Shando-ri, but it could be dangerous. She conjures a summoning circle and instructs you to hold the Moonlight Blade up in the center of the circle. Do so, and Shando-ri's soul will appear. Arum-Khal's redeemed spirit will follow, and the two will walk into the afterlife together. Speak with Vastarie to be rewarded for your efforts.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Moonlight Blade
Finishes QuestJournal Entry
I should speak to Shando-ri about recharging the Moonlight Blade.
Objective: Talk to Shando-ri
Vastarie claims that I can strengthen the blade's enchantment by simply wielding it in combat. I need to kill undead in the Ashen Scar and allow the blade to absorb the soul fragments that reanimate them.Empowering the Moonlight Blade requires absorbing the souls of defeated undead.
Objective Hint: Blade Charge: Low
(Kill 7 Undead to reach next stage.)(Kill 15 Undead to reach next stage.)
Objective Hint: Blade Charge: High
(Kill 22 Undead to complete the recharging of the Blade.)
Now that the Moonlight Blade shimmers and hums with the power of Azurah, I must meet Shando-ri at the temple's entrance: Azurah's Gate.
Shando-ri stands ready to enact our plan to destroy Arum-Khal. I must use the Moonlight Blade to open Azurah's Gate.
Objective: Open Azurah's Gate
Shando-ri explained that we must destroy the Shades of Arum-Khal that defend his phylacteries. This should permanently sever their ties to this world, and weaken the dark lich.
Now that Shando-ri and I have destroyed two of Arum-Khal's phylacteries, we can mount our final assault on the dark lich in his tomb.
Objective: Kill Arum-Khal
I defeated Arum-Khal's physical form. Now, Shando-ri must destroy the lich's weakened soul.
Objective: Wait for Shando-ri
I defeated Arum-Khal's physical form, but his soul proved too powerful for Shando-ri to defeat alone. Vastarie appeared and told me I still have a chance to defeat Arum-Khal if I use the Moonlight Blade to follow him into his shadowy realm.
I used the Moonlight Blade to create a portal to Arum-Khal's shadow realm. I must pass through this breach to pursue him.
Objective: Enter Arum-Khal's Realm
I arrived in an alien realm of perpetual darkness and found a severely weakened Shando-ri. I should speak with him.
Shando-ri assured me we can still win the fight against the Dark Adept. I need to find the Dark Spirit of Arum-Khal in this strange realm and destroy him before he has a chance to fully reconstitute himself.
Objective: Kill the Dark Spirit of Arum-Khal
I destroyed the Dark Spirit of Arum-Khal for good. Now, I need to find a way out of this realm.
Optional Step: Talk to Shando-ri
Vastarie was able to pull me out of the Arum-Khal's realm of darkness, but Shando-ri remained behind. I should talk to Vastarie about what happens next.
Vastarie has an idea that might help us save Shando-ri's soul. I need to raise the Moonlight Blade so she can pull the fragments of Shando-ri's spirit out of Arum-Khal's realm and make them whole again.
Objective: Restore Shando-ri
(Once in Circle:)
Objective Hint: Raise the Moonlight Blade
We restored Shando-ri's soul and also managed to redeem his fallen brother, Arum-Khal. I should discuss all that's happened with Vastarie.
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How to Register, Download and Install Moonlight Blade [CN]?

Moonlight Blade(天涯明月刀) is a Chinese Martial Arts MMORPG developed and pubished by Tencent.Players can fly as freely as a Bird using the Special Light Body skill (QingGong) in Moonlight Blade. [/size]
Moreover,the gaming world is massive and 18 times larger than the world of Skyrim,and the engine allows players to provide a 2,300-meter view distance, 17 different types of landscapes, and over 2,200 types of plants. Not only in China,but also it's popular immensely in other countries.
I would like to show you how to register, download and install this hot WuXia MMORPG.
Step 1.Registration (Create a QQ account)
If you've already set up a QQ account you can head to Step 2 directly. Also you can refer to this article about QQ Registration,but it's not the latest. Now, QQ requests you to enter your phone number to verify your account, like this:
NOTE: Players under the age of 18 aren't exposed to explicit content.
Step 1.1: Check Here to see how to finalize your QQ account activation.
Step 2.Download
Click here to access to download the Moonlight Blade client.
Choose the middle button '会员专属下载'and download the Moonlight Blade downloader.
After it finish,set up downloader and login with your QQ account to speed up the download,then click'开始下载' to start to download Moonlight Blade client,finally click '开始安装' when it done.

Step 2.1: To avoid launching error, change your locale to Chinese (Simplified)
If you don't know how to do that Check here

Step 3. Installation
Install Monnlight Blade to your PC step by step.

NOTE:'TGP-天刀官方定制版' means Tencent Games Platform-Moonlight Blade Official version.
It's a games platform you can donwload Tencent games directly from it.If you want,check it and you can get it after download ends.

Moonlight Blade Download

Step 4.Start Game
When successfully downloaded, launch client and get ready to play Moonlight Blade.
①Update automatically
②Ready to play
④Choose server

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⑤Start Moonlight Blade
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