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The Basic variant is very small and contains only the bare essentials needed for multimedia playback. Despite its small size, it is still very powerful and allows playback of practically every known audio and video format. The Basic variant does not include a player. If you also need a player, get the Standard variant.

  • Codes Calculator for LG Android latest 1.0.9 APK Download and Install. Paid factory codes calculator for all LG phones.
  • Bugs + Misc Packs. There have been reports of players receiving more Apex Packs than they should have due to a bug. (The answer for most players is 0) Misc Packs.

More details about this variant of the codec pack can be found on its contents and changelog pages.

Detailed differences between the four variants of the codec pack can be found on the comparison of abilities and comparison of contents pages. The other larger variants are: Standard, Full, and Mega.

Version 16.3.0 Basic ~ 20.3 MB ~ June 23rd 2021


  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1-0-gc0e87
  • Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 6.5.3

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Filename: K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1630_Basic.exe
Size: 20882 KB
MD5: 763d29fa2fa91d5c46e364410025ee56
SHA256: b0cb8644d5de3f4be2d723f6a27064909f9115155a9156d09adb7d4ab04c3eba

Genuine K-Lite files always have the exact same filename, size and hashes as indicated above. Do not install downloaded files that have different values.

The last version that is compatible with Windows XP SP3 is version 13.8.5, which can be downloaded HERE.

Download links for old versions of the K-Lite Codec Pack can be found HERE.

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ADVANCED Codecs for Windows 10.Pack

Offered for the 1st time ever; Portable Codecs, without an installer.
Recently, there has been a major re-write of the GUI itself and the filters they control. Support for MKV on the xbox360 was dropped along with the removal of several deprecated codecs and the SetACL dependency.
I hope you enjoy these new releases and can find the time to send a small donation in support of continued maintenance into the future.
ABOUT VIRUS DETECTION: It is a false positive and you can READ HERE on how to handle it.
This is mostly fixed and no longer an issue in current releases.
The Save and Restore settings feature is automated and also controlled by the commandline.
To have your settings restored automatically during an upgrade, all you need to do is [Save ALL Settings]
The checkboxes involved are correctly set by default to allow automatic upgrade settings restoration.
Top 10 features of the recent Settings Application rewrite:
1. Remove all unnecessary code associated with the deprecated codec removal
2. Re-organize the entire layout to be more intuitive, user friendly and visually appealing
3. Allow the user to click anywhere on the App to relocate the Settings Application on the screen
4. Add an Always On Top feature to keep the Settings Application in view
5. Activate the previous instance of the Settings Application when trying to open a new instance
6. Require Administrative privileges upon startup eliminating the need to rightclick
7. All user accounts are automatically setup and can be updated with a single click on the Misc TAB
8. Colorize and capitalize important functions to promote their significance
9. Automatically resize the App relative to the display resolution and use high quality text
10. Add a Save Restore settings feature to seamlessly return to a previous setup
All functions are performed instantaneously. The moment you select something, the action is performed.
If you ever find yourself broken, simply press the [RESET ALL] button to return to a just installed state.
The ADVANCED release contains a full suite of decoders with a GUI controller for the installed codecs.
The STANDARD codec release only contains LAV filters and VSFilter with a GUI giving full control.

The following are a few filetypes enabled and supported by the installation of Shark007 Codecs.
amr mpc divx mka ape flac evo flv m4b mkv ogg ogm rmvb xvid y4m
All of the above filetypes can be queued to the Windows Media Player Playlist using a right-click.

Top 10 things the Shark pack does better than other packs . . .
1. Full color thumbnails including FLV's and 10bit MKV's provided by Icaros.
(also allows users to select at what point by percentage to grab the thumbnail)
2. Enable the Preview Pane for ALL newly enabled filetypes such as MKV and FLV.
3. Explorer properties are displayed for non native filetypes such as MKV and FLV
4. Updated often - and has update notification built in
5. Distributed in a simple installer or a portable version with no installer.
6. Support playback of M4A audio files containing ALAC
7. Support all system users without them being logged into Windows
8. Allow users to Enable/Disable codecs installed on their system
9. Functionality such as Win7DSFilterTweaker and Codec Tweak Tool built in.
10. Support 'Add to Windows Media Player List' using rightclick on all files such as FLV.

^^The update feature includes all supporting files required by the Application.^^

The Settings Application is 100% UAC compliant.
The Application allows each user to maintain individual codec settings while at the same time seamlessly integrating any administrative commands directly into the users account. Users accounts are detected upon installation and automatically inherit the Administrators settings.

Codecs have been a problem for most users at one time or another. This is because there has never been an 'out of the box' working solution that the average computer user could install and just have everything work properly from the beginning. There are several decent codec package solutions out there, but none of them did everything I wanted. I was always in need of a tweak, adjustment, or even a re-installation just to get the codecs I needed/wanted and most of the time, the file still didn't play properly. This frustration was the basis for me to begin making a codecpack that works with ALL players.

The installer will automatically remove most other popular codec releases from your computer before installing this concise yet comprehensive windows media center setup package. For a list of all things automatically uninstalled by the installer, Click Here. After installation completes, check the box for [x] WMP suggested settings and Windows Media Player will instantly recognize all your files as playable.

It does not contain a media player and it does not associate file-types. With the ADVANCED Codec package installed you will be able to use any media player, limited only by the players' capabilities, to play all movies and video clips. Streaming video is supported in several formats in all popular web browsers. Advanced codec users have the ability to choose what is installed and where to install it using the public redistributable. After installation you can select to remove specific portions without removing the entire package. You can also re-add the removed items at any time.
The ADVANCED release contains a full suite of all the best codecs available.

If you want a portable version without an installer, check out the 2 releases below.
To update a portable release; close the App and overwrite the files.
Portable 32bit Codecs @19.4MB with a MD5 of: bec21e0708b66fe5a7e1507a4b7898fa
[email protected]
Portable 64bit Codecs @ 20.4MB with a MD5 of: 241ba7eb46b21181038f6d8be06cee61
[email protected]

Get the latest release here, version 15.1.3:

Lg Shark Code Calculator Pack 9 Free Download Mac

[email protected]
This release installs both 32 and 64bit codecs.

Distribution file information:
It is currently 49.2MB and has an MD5 of 44382399891fb1da8f165ad0b44b4d5a

notable updates (current):
- update LAV filters
- update MPC-BE filters
- update MediaInfo DLL 21.3
- update Icaros 3.2.1 Final
- update VSFilter (DirectVobSub)

- Remove the SetACL dependency
- Fully functional Save Restore settings feature
- Remember Application screen positioning
- Add automated support for Multi-Monitor systems
- Add a universal About Box and a smart program updater
- Auto Update the Settings Application directly from within the GUI
- Live Synchronization of 32/64bit Applications for shared settings
- Improve Application Stability (I finally fixed this bug after 16 months!)
UPGRADE installations are fully functional!
With the newly enabled Save Restore settings feature on the Misc TAB,
you can save a current configuration and have it automatically restored during an upgrade.

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded