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The file LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE is identified as a virus dropper.
The dropper LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE is used for downloading and installing other malware, Trojans, viruses by the commands received from the Command Center.
The file LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE loads into the computer memory and tries to connect to the dangerous web site.
Usually the LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE dropper does not infect the files on the computer and does not replicate itself on other computers.
Kill the LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE process and delete the file LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE.

Malware Analysis of LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE
Full path on a computer: %TEMP%LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE

Detected by UnHackMe:

Default location: %TEMP%LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE

Removal Results: Success
Number of reboot: 1


LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE is known as:

Trojan Generic

Will you remove it?

People say


    MD5: 3E9B3DC03CD5C2E658DD731B616FDCF1
How to quickly detect LAUNCHGTAIV.EXE presence?
  • %TEMP%1911.DLL
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Grand Theft Auto IV is played in a third-person perspective and the main character, Niko Bellic, is allowed to explore the massive open-world city. The game features both a single player and a multiplayer mode, but since Grand Theft Auto IV has has lots of details and the world is so vast, there are plenty of things that can go wrong in-game and many others tweaks that need updating.The patch contains lots of bug fixes, crash fixes, graphics fixes as well as new graphics additions. The are some fixes to the multiplayer mod and the video editor. GTAIV Patch annotates the graphics options menu to include more effects parameters, such as reflections and shadow quality.

Controller support has been expanded for a variety of game-pads and wheels, and there are a number of crash fixes and multiplayer tweaks.

Launchgtaiv.exe Download

Before We Begin.Now we’ve had the for some time now, however it’s just a thread of the same questions over and over again, a lacking OP and just a lot of confusion. Now it’s time for a more fleshed out thread with a proper how-to guide and explaining the various patches, game and ENB versions. However I’m not claiming to know everything about ENB, so I’ll cover as much as possible. As an early disclaimer, my knowledge surrounding the EFLC versions and ENB is limited. I’m assuming it’ll behave like the latest version of GTA IV ( ) thus being a limited effect experience only compatible with a few select ENB versions. Right now we’re focusing on two versions: Retail version patched to or Steam versions downgraded to is the patch so special, why doesn’t the latest patch work?The PC version of GTA IV have had a bit of a hard birth. For every patch, Rockstar basically made a new shader to fix a lot of the game’s problems however that also meant Boris Vorontsov, the guy behind ENB had to re-write the ENB shader.

After he basically got fed up and decided not to re-write the shader any more – That means any ENB on versions higher than are not full-feature ENB. Lots of effects will be missing. So when someone claims their ENB is ( Latest patch ) compatible, it basically means they are tested for basic compatibility: No colours that are completely off, image isn’t black, basic features working etc. However it will never look as good as any ENB.So let us prepare the game, assuming you are on a fresh install.Retail users: Simple, download the Patch - Steam users: We’re going to be downgrading to Steam servers have the latest version ( ) so we're going to need a downgrade.Steam users who don't want to downgrade / EFLC users: Skip this downgrade guide. / EFLC compatible files are included in iCEnhancer 2.1.

Attention: You have to start GTAIV at least one single time through steam and let it install. After one full start of GTAIV you can begin with this manual.1.

Start Steam, open your Library, right-click on 'Grand Theft Auto IV' and click on Properties. Move to the tab 'Updates' and change the given option to 'Do not automatically update this game'.Close Steam.2. Download the; for example from here: and install it. If an error occurs during the installation you can use that contains the patch as well. Just merge the content of the archive with your GTAIV-Mainfolder and overwrite everything.3. Download the 'Rockstar Social Group Tool' (RGSG):, but DO NOT install it!4.

Change the name of your 'GTAIV'-Folder (X:(.)SteamSteamAppscommongrand theft auto ivGTAIV) to something else than 'GTAIV'. This is important, because otherwise you will have to reinstall GTAIV and start all over again.5. Now install the RGSG-Tool. It creates a new 'GTAIV'-folder with the Tools components in ' X:(.)SteamSteamAppscommongrand theft auto iv'. Should the installations be stopped by an error, download this archive:The archive contains the installed RGSG-Tool.6. Copy the content of this new created 'GTAIV' folder (X:(.)SteamSteamAppscommongrand theft auto ivGTAIV) into your old 'GTAIV'-folder, that you renamed before.7.

Erase the 'GTAIV'-folder of the RGSG-Tool and rename your old 'GTAIV'-folder with its gamecontent back to 'GTAIV'. The folder should still be in ' X:(.)SteamSteamAppscommongrand theft auto iv'.8.

As long as you do not have rests of incompatible mods, GTAIV should now run perfectly in version It is always the best method to start without mods and then reenabling one for one, until everything is fine. Okay, what next?So now we have to install an ENB of our choice. To clarify the entire ordeal surrounding Icenhancer: The guy behind it is not the sole creator of ENB, he isn't the only GTA IV ENB tweaker out there and people need to stop treating him as such. He put in some good work on his excellent ENB versions, his ENB also managed to hit the mainstream eye which is great. So all the 'He needs a job at Rockstar!' That is going around is plain stupid and need to stop.

But to not drag his work through the mud, the ENB is nice and we'll base this guide on it.Let's download iCEnhancer 2.1 -And his configuration tool -Taken from his website -( Linking directly to the files. He decided to have them routed through some paid ad shit on his site. Normally I'm totally for supporting artists and developers however his work is in the questionable range of monetary compensation worthiness ).Backup, something something real men don't take backups.Before we proceed, you need to decide now how to back up your game in case you want to revert it back to vanilla, in case of problems or because you want to try a different ENB. There's two methods as I see it;1. Make a copy of the entire prepared GTA IV directory. When / If you want to revert back, you simply delete the primary folder and copy over / remove the '-Copy' from the backed up folder making that the primary folder again.2.

Take notice of every file in the downloaded RAR(s) so you can remove them later, as there's very few overrides but instead more additional files. In case you want to modify vehicles ( Covered later in this guide ), make a backup of these files:- Vehicles.ide ( Grand Theft Auto IVcommondata )- Handling.dat ( Grand Theft Auto IVcommondata )- Carcols.dat ( Grand Theft Auto IVcommondata )- vehicles.img ( Grand Theft Auto IVpcmodelscdimages )If you got the extra space, make a full backup - Much easier.Let's install itNow here's where you have to pay attention - This operation will require skill, intellect and lots of patience ( Not really ). Open iCEnhancer with your favourite software ( WinRAR, 7zip etc.

)- Drag all the content of the archive from the - - - iCenhancer 2.1 files folder into your prepared GTA IV folder and accept any folder merging / file replacing.- Then you look into archive again and open ' Install this if fresh install' Drag that content of that folder into your root folder as well ( Xlive.dll / xlived.dll ). This disables GFWL in-game which is required for ENB to work correctly, as GFWL blocks the.dll. / EFLC users can follow the above, except when you open archive they need to open the ' - EFLC' folder instead.

That doesn't have any xlive.dll but a shader folder instead, follow the readme within that folder.The / EFLC version is a watered down butchered version. As explained earlier, the latest full featured ENB shader is for so the 0.7.0 / EFLC version is just a leftovers version that doesn't look very good. I can't help you with this version either as it's a waste of time and I haven't messed around with it whatsoever.NOTICE: When installing the Xliveless ( xlive.dll ) files, it moves all your savegames from ' X:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMELocal SettingsApplication DataRockstar GamesGTA IVsavegames' to ' X:UsersMichaelDocumentsRockstar GamesGTA IVsavegames' So any downloaded saves / Own save games needs to be manually moved or installed in the new location.Post-installationAt this point the game is basically ready - Except we haven't tweaked, installed any cars or any mods / trainers. However it'd be nice to confirm it's working at least, right? Start the game via LaunchGTAIV.exe in your root folder ( and make a shortcut if you like easy access ). If the game launched and you can fire up a new game, great.

If your game crashed, looks off or text is missing check out the troubleshooting section. Vroom vroomWhile ENB is a powerful addition to GTA IV, it's the custom vehicles that makes it all really shine and come together. The great reflection details and the sheer details on some of these cars just brings out the best in the mod. I suggest anyone wanting to give this is a serious try to install at least a car or two to mess around with.

It also became a helluva lot easier recently as well-made software was introduced turning the installation process into a 3 click process requiring no effort, up from reading an F16 sized handbook just to install the model.First you download and install. Remember to start the game after installation, that's recommended by some.Now you need to find a car you'd like installed, stop by and find something you like. Sort by highest rated or most downloaded, you'll probably find some higher quality models and pay close attention to the star rating. There's lots of bad models out there, beware.Here's an excellent car and model if you can't decide on something.

Launchgtaiv Exe Missing

Download this and place the.rar somewhere convenient. ( Do not unpack it! )It's recommended that you install the trainer ( See Mods & Extras ) to spawn vehicles of your choice.Installing a carStart up 'GTA IV Vehicle Mod Installer' and you'll be greeted by a Permission Configuration screen. You simply have to click the ' Configuration' button and it'll find the GTA IV folder and be ready for use. Now click the ' Main Panel' button. You will see it has configured the path to your GTA IV folder, if that is incorrect or perhaps pointing to a backup folder, feel free to change it.Now let's install a the car we've downloaded. In the bottom field, select the 'Vehicle Install from archive' field and click the browse button.

Find the.rar you downloaded and point towards that, simply click next.The next screen is a verification of the content, the output on this screen will vary according to how many files included. Some downloaded cars have colour files, a new handling and extras on the car - Some however is just a basic model with just one field.You will notice the green checkmarks, some models you download will leave a red checkmark making it unable to install - That means the file in question doesn't keep to the established structure - Usually happens with the colour or handling file. If you still want to install the car, just click the red checkmark and deselect the problem file and you can still install the car.This time however it's all green and ready to go, press next. This is the screen where you pick which vehicle to replace.

Usually the creator has given it a name within the file that identifies which car it's going to replace, so it'll automatically pick the car. However sometimes it's a generic name and you have to pick which vehicle you'd like to replace. It doesn't matter which car you pick, you can replace a truck with a Ferrari and if the downloaded Ferrari has colours, a handling file and all that it'll drive like a Ferrari. If it doesn't, it'll handle like a truck.You will notice the 'Your Vehicle Name', that does NOT represent in-game name. That is merely for your own convenience within the Vehicle Mod Installer to see which vehicle you've replaced something with. So you can put in something to identify it with. Leave it blank and nothing will show up next to it, however it'll still show up as blue to signify it has been replaced.Press next and the car is installed, it's that simple.

GTA IV also a lot of mods, ranging from huge robots, zombies, weapons and sounds to skins, entirely new islands and texture packs. However that could almost have an entire thread of its own as the installation process can be quite complicated and it's probably something you should slowly discover on your own. Crashes, where's my text, my PC is on fire!Unfortunately, as with any modding project there's always room for errors and problems, this definitely ain't an exception. Below is a list of common errors and problems.

I've tried to add as many of the problems as I could, however feel free to suggest in the topic any additional troubleshoot points I need to add. Also notice that this troubleshoot guide won't cover everything, as plenty could go wrong.- Crashes during start-up / loading of the game.The most common issue is a crash during start of the game or after you've pressed 'Start'.

The problem usually relates to third party applications that hook into DirectX / d3d9.dll which ENB doesn't like. That means recording software like Dxtory and Bandicam ( FRAPS works fine ), FPS overlays, hardware monitors and tweakers like MSI Afterburner, Rivatuner etc. And I also believe stuff like Teamspeak overlays can have an impact.

There's a lot of software that can cause problems.- My menu text is gone.1. Download this '':2. Open the folder ' X:(.)SteamSteamAppscommongrand theft auto ivGTAIVcommondata' and copy the files 'fonts.dat' and 'fontsr.dat' as a backup to any other folder.3. Copy both files that are contained in the '' to the folder ' X:(.)SteamSteamAppscommongrand theft auto ivGTAIVcommondata' and overwrite the existing ones.4.

That's it.Note: 'fonts.dat' is obviously for the western alphabet, while 'fontsr.dat' is the equivalent file for cyrillic symbols (if you are playing in russian for example).( Taken from GTAGaming )- I've installed a mod and the required scriphook, my game is crashing.The newest ScriptHook.dll-version may not work properly with and lead to crashes, so do as following:1. Download this ScriptHook.dll-version:2. Download the recent version of.Net Script Hook (I have tested with 1.7 Beta and it worked):3. Copy the ' ScriptHookDotNet.asi' and the folder ' scripts' from of the.Net Script Hook into your GTAIV main directory. You do not need the also contained 'ScriptHook.dll' as it does not work properly with Now copy the other ' ScriptHook.dll' from the '' into your GTAIV main directory.

This one should work perfectly.5. Now your mods and.asi-files should work as usual if they require ScriptHook.( Taken from GTAGaming )- Game performance is abysmal / It's stuttering on my AMD card.Apparently there's an issue with some AMD cards that just leads to extremely poor performance in the game.

Personally I had a 5970 which is a Crossfire card and it was straight out unplayable due to stuttering. I also heard cases of single-card users getting really poor performance compared to an Nvidia equivalent. There is no exact science in this, there's crossfire issues but I don't know any specific cards that has these issues or what causes it exactly - Other than poor coding.- Everything is completely washed out and foggy.

( )Usually this means you might not have installed Xliveless correctly ( xlive.dll ), as that'd block the ENB but not the ENBs colour settings. I have also seen cases where people are in actual fog in the game. Save the game to advance 6 hours or use a trainer to change the weather to confirm that's not the case.- SLI Performance is on the low sideTry the latest SLI compatibility bits in Nvidia Inspector: 0x42500045 ( Old bit is 0x03400405 ) - This may improve SLI scaling for you.- I installed some custom cars / a car pack, there's taxis everywhere!It's a common issue well known to the community. It happens when you use excess memory with custom cars, then the game starts loading the top default model instead; The taxi. There's two ways of fixing it, either you only install size limited models of custom cars, some creators make small models that adhere to vanilla vehicle standards or you could download a traffic fix like ( See requirements on the left side! Tools:-benchmark: Runs the benchmark tool and immediately exits game.-help: Display list of all command line optionsGraphics:-renderquality: Set the render quality of the game.

Gta Iv Crack

(0-4)-shadowdensity: Set the shadow density of the game. (0-16)-texturequality: Set the texture quality of the game. (0-2)-viewdistance: Set the view distance of the game (0-99)-detailquality: Set the detail quality of the game. Pretty much every option is well explained, so it's just a matter of toying around with it. However just a few quick explanations: Enable In-game editing is the same as ' CyclicConfigReading' in the iceconfig.ini.

This means you can tab out and make changes then tab in to see the change - This beats having to constantly exit the game. However the setting can cause problems for some, game crashes and unindented bugs.

Launchgtaiv.exe Download

Just beware of that when using that setting.I can highly recommend Depth of Field, especially the High-Quality versions for taking screenshots - It looks amazing. However DoF can take a toll on performance and HQ DoF can give you quite a significant hit. So unless you have a powerful rig, use it as a screenshot setting.To rectify the cartoon look of 2.1, check out the ' Color & Image' section.

Default settings are 1.33 Saturation and 0.25 Contrast. I suggest setting Saturation to perhaps 1.15/1.20 in that area, and then work your way from there. That'll give you a nice balanced look.Lastly, under Performance you have some options for AA and AO. While (SS)AO provides a great image it will take a toll on performance. In some cases in excess of 10 frames per second.

So unless you got the power for it, you might want to turn it off.As for AA, use the recommended SMAA.Normally tweaking an ENB was sailing through the shader files and configs to do all this manually but the configuration tool makes everything 100 times easier. So newcomers to ENB haven't been more spoiled like now. It isn't a widespread issue however, I hadn't even heard of a single case until a 'Gaf member reporting his card went pop. So it is an issue and without proper cooling you have a good chance of cooking your GPU. However his case was, as you can read, the perfect shitstorm that clashedSo what can you do?

Well you could continue using.82 as it's not a widespread issue and your GPU won't burn out because you want to mess around with it. I've spent hours and hours using this version. HOWEVER, if you really feel strongly about it you can download earlier DirectX.dlls from his website.81 SORA.79 SORA ( I know several ENBs tend to use this version instead of.81 )Then replace the d3d9.dll under 'Wrapper version' with the one in your GTA IV directory from the ENB installation.HOWEVER, you will lose out on effects and benefits from the updated versions and as they can work slightly differently you might see unintended looks when replacing with these versions. A better bet would be to pull out good ole' google and search for ENB configs that are made around the earlier versions of the.dll, I know there's also an Icenhancer version out there where he tested with it. This probably turned out just a tad longer than I had expected, I'm sorry about that.

I really wanted to cover as many aspects as possible, get around all the questions I've seen through the months in the previous thread. However as you go through this guide you might spot some flaws, a broken link or a method that doesn't make much sense in that case, feel free to let me know and suggest some changes and I'll gladly amend the guide.

Download Gta V Exe

Feedback is very welcome.I will, if time and my lazy nature allows it, update the guide if newer / better solutions are released. I will also try to add new stuff to the mods section and how to get it working.So with all said and done, I hope you got ENB up and running or got some questions answered or perhaps just a problem solved - Now it's time to post a lot of screenshots, share ENB settings, setups and complain about crashes below.Enjoy.