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IPTV Tools is a website that provides the necessary tools for IPTV Such as the link checker tool if it works or not and the m3u playlist file conversion tool to other. 36 programs for 'iptv checker download'. Quickly respond to tickets and launch support sessions. We know end-user satisfaction is an important factor for your IT team. Make sure they have the right tools to keep track of issues and can easily solve them from a remote session. MyHD IPTV Player is a tool for watching live IPTV streams online for free. You can paste your M3U URL to load streams direct into our free IPTV player. The M3U URL or playlist file must be correctly formatted, ending with the file extension.m3u otherwise it will not be compatible with our player. Note: We do not provide any IPTV M3U files. All the tools you need at your fingertips!

Iptv App For Mac

IPTV Tools – Zaman Now is a streaming application for watching iptv,
this application can checks channels whether the channels online or offline, leech playlists, download channels, guess channels, m3u converter and much more..
IPTV Tools – Zaman NOW. Ver.1.8.0
built-in video player

built-in its own video player, the player very simple, can be resized, can ontop.
because video player using dll from vlc , make sure vlc (32 bit) is installed on your computer, (you can download VLC 32bit at: Download official VLC media player for Windows - VideoLAN)
install only 32 bit VLC, even though your Operating System is Windows 64 bit. (This will fix player does not appear)
grab other channels
m3u (playlist) leecher
open m3u8, save
add from url
sequence url
m3u information
private leecher (
updated onv.1.1)
channel search engine (
updated onv.1.3)
up2 pastebin (
updated onv.1.4)
m3u converter (
updated onv.1.5)
live streaming a channel to media social (fb/youtube)
(updated on v.1.7)
autobot (updated on v.1.7)
small update, fix to checker (updated on v.1.7.1)
MAC Grabber, grab playlist and channel from iptv stalker (updated on v.1.8.0)
** Note: this tool not only checker, what this tool can do?
this program features:
1. leecher, fresh playlist every day, i love this features (never worried about channels and playlists anymore)
2. personal leecher ( i can leech all m3u links from some webpages, blogs, forum, board just in one click)
3. it have its video player (nice)
4. of course it have link checker to check the links alive or dead
5. can load list from text
6. can load list from file (just drag and drop)
7. can load list directly from iptv server (m3u url), so don't need to download, open blablabla
8. it have favorite to save my channels
9. it have sequence url, i used this function to guess sequential channels
10. it can take all channels from iptv server based only from one channel link (wow)
11. it have m3u information, nice to check how many people connected and how many max connection allowed
12. it have channel search engine, nice.. very helpful to quick search a channel
13. can upload playlist to pastebin, directly from this app, nice to make playlist online and share it to my friends or play it on my smartphone
14. m3u converter, it can convert m3u playlist to other tvbox playlist (enigma, octagon, dreambox, starlive, azbox, revolution, visionnet, etc )
15. can test channels behind m3u url without open it, i let the program to test it (m3u to channels contained), as result i know which m3u url has alive channels,
and which m3u url has dead channels, without open it (it save my time)
16. can live streaming a channel to media social (facebook / youtube)
17. Autobot, make private leecher run automatically at scheduled time, check m3u urls and it channels contained one by one, as result only get good m3u urls
that containing live channels, save the result automatically on disk drive and/or upload the result to ftp server.
18. MAC Grabber, grab playlist and it channels from iptv provider that used url portal and MAC address to access it playlist, most user named it iptv stalker
usually. this kind iptv applied in STB MAG, and android iptv BOX
*very small, portable, clean, and rich functions.
*before using this application it’s better to watch its video demo ( how to use this tool )

website / download: IPTV Tools - Zaman NOW
*if you confused to use some features, go to its website, and watch some videos tutorial related to the feature.

MAC Grabber, grab playlist and it channels from iptv provider that used url portal and MAC address to access it playlist, most user named it iptv stalker usually. This kind iptv applied in STB MAG, and android iptv BOX.very small, portable, clean, and rich functions.