How To Clean A Crack Pipe With Rubbing Alcohol

  1. How To Clean A Crack Pipe With Rubbing Alcohol
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91% rubbing alcohol takes it off right away, however can rubbing alcohol damage PEX pipes at all, by making causing them to crack or something? Attached Files: image1 (1).jpeg. 1) Start with clean pipe and screen (or several pipes and screens) 2) Hit a few times 3) Clean the pipe, save the scrapings and screen 4) Repeat steps 1-3 until fresh rock is gone. Fill a clean Ziploc bag with rubbing alcohol (don't put the pipe in the bag yet). It needs to be big enough to allow your pipe to fit with some extra room for liquid to move around. Fill half of it with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol.

When it comes to smoking weed, you have a lot of options. There are countless varieties of marijuana pipes out there. The most common and popular weed pipes are made out of glass, wood, and metal. After using your pipe a couple of times, it can get pretty dirty and clogged up with grime and soot, which makes it difficult and very unpleasant to use. One of the main reasons that hand pipes are so popular because they are effortless to clean, and you can use standard household materials for it.

In this article, we will talk about how to clean a pipe in the most effective ways and discuss different types of hand pipes and their pros and cons.


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The basic principle behind cleaning a dirty pipe is using a scrubbing agent with a solvent. Regular or Kosher salt or baking soda works really well as a scrubbing agent. You can use rubbing alcohol, acetone, vinegar, or pipe cleaner as a solvent.

Method # 1 – Cleaning Glass Pipes Using Rubbing Alcohol & Salt


For this method you will need the following:

  • Dirty Pipe
  • Rubbing alcohol /Acetone
  • Table Salt
  • Electrical tape (Optional)
  • Water

Step # 1

Use the electrical tape to seal off the bowl and any other holes except the mouthpiece. If you don’t have electrical tape, then you can use your fingers to block the holes.

Step # 2

Grab the salt and put some inside the pipe through the mouthpiece. Do not fill it all up with the salt.

Step # 3

Now add the rubbing alcohol. If you also use acetone or nail polish remover instead. Make sure that you don’t fill it all up with the solvent. Leave some room inside for the cleaning solution to move around freely.

Step # 4

Seal the mouthpiece off with the electrical tape or block it with your thumb. Now shake the pipe. If you clean your pipe regularly, then 2/3 mins of shaking should do the job, or you might need to shake it for longer.

Step # 5

Remove the tape and rinse it out with tap water.

Method # 2 – Cleaning Glass Pipes Using Pipe Cleaner


For this method you will need:

  • 1 Ziploc bag
  • 1 Bottle of pipe cleaner
  • Dirty pipe
How to clean a crack pipe with rubbing alcohol recipe

Step # 1

Place your dirty pipe in the Ziploc bag.

Step # 2

How To Clean A Crack Pipe With Rubbing Alcohol

Pour the pipe cleaner into the bag. Make sure that you have enough liquid in there so you will be able to submerge your pipe. Now squeeze out the excess air and seal the bag up. You can also use coarse salt and rubbing alcohol instead of the pipe cleaner.

Step # 3

Start shaking the bag. You will start noticing that the pipe cleaner changes color and turning darker.

Step # 4

Take the pipe out of the bag and rinse it with warm water and wipe it down with a paper towel.

Method # 3 – Cleaning Glass Pipes Without Rubbing Alcohol & Pipe Cleaner


If you don’t want to use alcohol or pipe cleaner then this method is perfect for your. For this method, you will need the following items:

  • 1 Dirty pipe
  • 1 Q-tip
  • Water
  • 1 Pot to boil water

Step # 1

Place a pot on the stove and boil some water. Make sure you have enough water to cover the pipe.

Step # 2

Submerge the pipe when the water simmer to boil. As the pipe boils, the water will evaporate. Make sure the water doesn’t evaporate entirely, or your pipe will crack. Allow your pipe to soak in the simmering water for 20-30 mins.

Step # 3

Remove the pot from the oven and drain the water. DO NOT put it under cold water, or the pipe will shatter. You can now hold the pipe with a kitchen mitt and use the Q-Tip to clean the chamber and the hole in the center to clean the remaining residue.



For this method you will need the followings:

  • 1 Ziploc bag
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • 1 Dirty metal pipe
  • Some Q-tips

Step # 1

First dissemble your metal pipe.

Step # 2

Place all the parts of your metal pipe in the Ziploc bag.

Step # 3

Pour some rubbing alcohol in to the bag and seal it.

Step # 4

How To Clean A Crack Pipe With Rubbing Alcohol How To

Shake the bag well for 2-5 minutes. Let the parts soak in the alcohol for few hours if possibly then overnight.

Step # 5

Take the parts out of the bag. Use the Q-tips to clean the inside of the cylinders to get rid of the excess residues.



To clean a wooden pipe you will need the following tools:

  • Q-Tips
  • Paper towels
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Pipe Cleaners & Scrapers
  • Pipe Tool
  • Olive oil or cooking oil

Step # 1

Take the stem off. Dip a pipe cleaner in the rubbing alcohol and run it through the shank into the bowl. It should pick up all the gunk.

Step # 2

Get another pipe cleaner. Dip it in the rubbing alcohol and this time run it through the stem.

Step # 4

Use the pipe tool or a pipe knife to clean the inside of the bowl. If the inside of your pipe bowl developed a heavy buildup of resins, then you will need to scrape them off with the pipe knife. Once you have finished scraping, wipe the inside with a Q-tip or pipe cleaner soaked in alcohol.

Step # 5

Lastly, put a little bit of olive oil or cooking oil on your paper towel and rub it on the outside of the bowl of your wooden pipe. It will give the pipe a nice shine.



The most common material types for hand pipes are glass, wood, and metal, but the glass and the metal pipes are the most popular among the cannabis users. The pros of any pipes are that they are easy to clean, with no added taste, very easy to carry, and use.

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are probably the most popular for smoking weed and provide better (smoother) smoke than wooden or metal pipes. They come in a variety of designs and vibrant colors. Fragile compare to the metal or wooden pipes, but the cleaning process is fairly simple.

Glass is non-porous, which means it holds all the smoke inside the pipe and provides a pure and clean flavor. Glass also reduces resin build-up, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria.

Wooden Pipes

Most people use wooden pipes to smoke tobacco, but they can be used for marijuana as well. Wooden pipes have a bigger bowl compare to glass pipes. The wooden pipes give you a natural and rich smoking experience by adding its signature to the flavor of your cannabis strain. Because of the complicated designs of wooden pipes, it can be time-consuming and hard to clean them.

Metal Pipes

Metal pipes are very similar to glass pipes. They are made from different types of materials such as nickel, brass, plated steel, or anodized aluminum. The bowls of metal pipes are usually screwed on to the stem. The chambers are well designed, so the smoke comes out very smooth. Metal pipes are durable and easy to clean.


The common parts of every hand pipes are:

  • Bowl – The bowl is where you pack the cannabis.
  • Shank – The shank is a piece of the pipe that connects the stem and the bowl.
  • Stem – Stem connects the mouthpiece to the shank.
  • Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece is the part where you suck the smoke out of the pipe.

Types of Hand Pipes


The spoon is probably the most basic hand pipe out there. You can usually find them at a gas station other than the smoke shops. It has a spoon-like shape. It also has a deep bowl and a carb on the side. The short stem of this pipe makes it very easy to smoke, but you also get dry and harsh smoke because there is not a lot of filtration. The hole in the center is very tiny and clogged up with resin very easily.

It is an excellent pipe for the beginners, that takes smoking down to its basics.


  • Clogs easily
  • No filtration
  • Dry harsh smoke


Gandalfs are very long ornate hand pipes named after everyone’s favorite fantasy character Gandalf, the wizard from the movie Lord of the rings. You get a smoother smoking experience because of its long stem, which kind of filters the smoke as it goes from the bowl into your mouth.


  • Fragile
  • Not portable


This pipe was named after the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. One of the best things about a Sherlock is that it makes you feel like a detective solving a murder or a very thoughtful professor. The pipe looks precisely like the pipe of Sherlock Holmes with the curved design of an old school wooden tobacco pipe.


  • Curved stem cools the smoke
  • Classic design
  • Easy to hold
  • Comes with a bubbler to add water


Chillum is a straight conical glass pipe traditionally made of clay used in India in the eighteenth century. These pipes are short and tiny and only hold a small amount of weed for one or two hits.


  • Small
  • Packs less


Bubblers combine water pipe with a regular glass pipe. It uses water and a percolation system to filter smoke to ensure soft, smooth hits that you would expect from a bong. Fill the chamber with water, and the rest functions as a regular hand pipe.


  • Fragile
  • Hard to fill and drain water

Cleaning Your Pipe or Bong


By Robert Bergman,

If you are someone who enjoys smoking marijuana, you are inevitably going to need to clean your pipe or bong at some point. The more frequently you use your favored smoking device, the more frequently you are going to have to clean it. In this article, we will look at the best ways to do it.

Why you need to clean your pipe

Knowing how to clean a bowl, glass pipe or bong is important because it affects your smoke. When you first started using your device, you likely were able to perfect the hit exactly to your liking, giving you the ideal smoke each time you did it. But over time something likely started to change — it probably started clogging up frequently, making it more and more difficult to hit. That is how you know it’s time to clean — and if you don’t clean it, then you will keep having trouble each time you want to smoke.

Some people just try scraping out their glass pipe or bong when it gets to this point, but unfortunately, that is only a temporary fix — and a mediocre one at best. Scraping it out does not adequately get the resin out, meaning it will clog up again soon enough.

Methods for cleaning

If you have admitted that it is indeed time, you probably will need to know how to clean a glass pipe or bong. Some people prefer to buy a professional product from the store (or order it online) and use that for maximum speed and ease of use. While this should effectively get the residual resin out of your bowl, it’s also a very expensive method for doing so. A bottle of store-bought cleaner often has a price tag starting around $20, which can get pricey if you are a frequent user. That being said, if that is the way you’d like to go, there are some good options here.

Luckily, the home recipes for cleaning out your pipe are easy and inexpensive, and barely more work than simply ordering a bottle of prepared cleaners.

The salt and alcohol method
For this method, you will need rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and table salt.

To clean a bong, simply pour in some of the rubbing alcohol and add a lot of salt. Swish the mixture around until the resin is gone or at least looser, then flush everything out with some regular, warm water.

To clean a smaller pipe like a bowl, you will need the alcohol, salt, and a zip lock bag. Pour the rubbing alcohol and salt solution into the bag (or just do it separately; it will mix in the bag), and then drop the pipe into the bag. Seal it off, then shake the entire contents around intensely for a while. If your pipe is caked in an unusually thick layer of resin, it may need to sit overnight in the bag with the alcohol and salt solution to soak and loosen the resin enough to come off. Finish by rinsing the glass pipe with warm water. Inspect the pipe to make sure there wasn’t some resin left behind; if there was, repeat the method again until there is not remaining resin.

Some people prefer to try scrubbing the resin instead of only shaking the bag and its contents. If you want to take this slightly more active route, you can use Q-tips or pipe cleaners (or both).

The boiling water and dish soap method
First, fill up a pot with lukewarm water. Submerge your glass pipe into the water before you bring it to a boil (otherwise the sudden temperature change will cause the glass to crack). Heat up the pot (with the water and pipe inside) over medium heat. Use tongs to inspect the glass pipe — it should be filled with water, allowing no air bubbles inside. Move it around to get air bubbles out if you have to.

Bring the water to a boil and let the glass pipe sit in the boiling water until the resin is mostly disconnected from the glass. Remove the pot from heat and let it sit — leaving the glass pipe in the water — for five to ten minutes. After you have waited (it is crucial to wait, as sudden temperature changes might crack the glass), use the tongs to latch on to the pipe by its stem and shake it around within the water, causing the resin to break off and float away from the pipe. Be careful not to slam the pipe into the sides of the pot, or else that could damage it as well.

Allow the water to cool down fully, then pour it down the drain and remove the pipe. Put new water into the pot (at room temperature) and add some dish soap, and put the pipe back in. Use Q-tips and pipe cleaners to scrub your pipe in the water until you have gotten all the resin off. Rinse with warm water.

Cleaning tips

Keep in mind that these cleaning methods are specifically for cleaning metal or glass only. Any other materials, such as acrylic, should simply be soaked in hot water with a bit of dish soap, then scrubbed with a soft brush.

If you have a bong that is longer than average, you can fill it with the rubbing alcohol and salt solution and, using your hands to cover the openings on both sides, shake it around vigorously to loosen up the resin.

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Be sure not to get any of the resin onto the floor or carpet — it is a nightmare to attempt to get it out once it is clinging to your carpet.

When you are boiling your glass pipe, keep a very close eye on it — cracks in the glass are not too uncommon. For that reason, heat up the water at medium heat (as opposed to high heat).

Once your bong or glass pipe is completely clean, you will notice the difference immediately. It will seem like a brand new pipe, making smoking all the more enjoyable again.

Thanks for reading. Got any more tips for cleaning your smoking device, leave them in the comments below or want to know about the evolution of the Bong, check this article.