Hotel Giant 3 Free Download

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  2. Click the 'Install Game' button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. If you have ever wanted to understand the ins and outs of running a high-end luxury hotel then Hotel Giant 2 might be the game for you.
  1. Hotel Giant Download - The best online 3D space planning software for interior designers, decorators, furniture retailers, builders, retailers, homeowners and anyone wishing to create realistic living spaces fast and easy. Draw your rooms in 2D and switch to 3D for real-time rendering (just like a video game) to complete your detailed room design with finishes and decorative accessories. Drag 'n drop thousands of 3D products to visualize all the 'what-if's any home or office renovation project.

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This is episode 1 of the Hotel Giant 2 Tutorial i'm doing. Sorry for the crappy english. More episodes will come soon, Hit the subscribe button to stay tuned. Hotel Giant 2 PC Game Free Download is a very interesting game which developed by Enlight Software Limited, PerspectX and published by United Independent Entertainment. It is a traditional hotel management game. Where the player can create a hotel of his own choice. At the start player would be provided with a building.

Hotel Giant is back and bigger than ever!
Following its international success, Hotel Giant is back and bigger than ever. In Hotel Giant 2 you will create the hotel of your dreams and manage prestigious locations around the world. Your goal is to attract as many guests as possible and make sure they are satisfied throughout their stay.
In order to meet your objective, you must develop a high standard of service, hire an excellent staff, decorate every room to your liking and never forget that the customer is always right.

Hotel Giant Download

Hotel giant 2 pc
Exceed your guests’ expectations by improving their stay, earning more money and becoming the most successful hotel chain in the world!


  • Impressive realism: observe and influence the lives of your guests, meet their needs, face their wrath…
  • Great scope: 26 unique hotels in various locations such as Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, and Munich… and more than 1,400 objects and furniture items to decorate and adorn your hotels
  • Full customization: create multiple services (bars, specialty shops, conference rooms…) and amenities such as pool halls, arcades, executive lounges… configure their layout, choose the contents of the menu for your restaurant and even employ live performers to entertain your guests
  • Hundreds of customers to observe, analyze and understand, each client is different… ascertain their personalities, earn their satisfaction and win their tourist dollars
  • Intuitive interface, high performance 3D graphic engine which provides day and night features, self illuminating objects and more realistic animations than ever before for the ultimate life simulation gaming experience

Minimum Requirements

CPU: 1.5GHz Pentium IV
Video: 256MB DirectX compatible (GeForce 5700+/Radeon 9 series)
Hard Drive: 2GB free DirectX: 9.0c