Gta San Andreas 100 Save Game Pc

On 5/3/2012 at 2:41 AM, Dr. John said: GTA SA 100% Save Game (For Version 1) GTA SA 100% Save Game (For Version 2) All Save Games. All these links have save files with no cheat/mods/trainers/hacks used. 100% Complete Game Save. Information Files; Author: Konoko45: No Screenshots Available Yet. The file goes into the 'My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files' directory. And to clear any additional confusion, this save is intended for the PC version ONLY, and was made for the standard main.scm that installs normally with the game.

Gta San Andreas 100% Save Game

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Gta San Andreas 100 Save Game Pc

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Published on 8 October 2014

All captured territory.
Export all 30 machines.
All 100 graffiti painted over.
Find all 50 oysters.
Collect all 50 horseshoes.
Removed all 50 images.
Buy all clothes.
100% relationships with all the girls.
All features on 100%: Gambling, flying, driving, cycling and bike skill.
100% of skill with all weapons.
When all the mini-missions: trucker, Quarry, a police officer, a medic, a taxi driver, a pimp, a burglar, etc.
When all the mission Messenger: Robboi's food market, Los Santos, Hippy Shop-San Fierro, and Las Venturas Shot-Burger.
When all 22 races.
Pass racing stadiums-LS, SF and LV.
When all the schools on the gold.
All my arms infinite ammo: Desert Eagle, MP5, spas-12 and M4-patrons were earned mini bug: in armor formed and quickly went out of the competition; Sniper rifle and grenades-were earned in a garage in San Fierro (not peresohranâlsâ); Camera-the House Cj.
all rare or more those machines that we couldn't see the game: tornadoes-in the garage near the beach of Santa Maria (picked up because after the destruction of the Vagosov, this machine no longer meet; Savannah Caesar and the Mothership of the truth-in the garage of El Corona; A black limousine in Town; a police helicopter, Swat, military truck Tank, Rancher, the FBI and A truck in an abandoned airport.
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Gta San Andreas 100 Save Game Pc
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