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Eiyuu.Senki english patch; Register to disable all advertisments. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 13. Tenco18+jap+eng:: RuTracker.org Translation (taken from another forum): 1.05 version of the game required. Eiyuu Senki Gold English Text Patch Download Tencourt Old English Text Eiyuu senki is basically a beta version, though the story is different but everything evolved even the heroines are better, since the creator avoided excessive slapstick in favor of better comedy.

### Eiyuu Senki GOLD - WWX Edition v1.1 (30.05.2021) Welcome to the world of ES, again. We present to you ES GOLD WWX Edition - a fan-made port for content from a mobile gacha game Eiyuu Senki - World Wonder X.The purpose of the port is to transfer all 'visual novel' parts of WWX to the ES GOLD engine, excluding any gameplay-related content. IMPORTANT: THIS PORT DOESN'T INCLUDE ANY NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTERS OR BATTLES, IT ALWAYS WAS DESIGNED ONLY FOR READING. This port include: - 221 character event chains, including voice-acted H-scenes; - 61 common events and 18 arena events; - WWX main campaign (including true route). All content is up to date with Japanese WWX v.1.5.5 (30.05.2021). Additional content in Optional folder: -WWX loading screens (for viewing only, doesn't need an installation); -WWX purge (destroyed clothes) images for all playable characters (for viewing only, doesn't need an installation); - Free Mode unlock (see p.V for detailed explanation); - Full Japanese scripts (restore scripts with English localization to their original Japanese counterparts; DOESN'T change character and event names back to Japanese); - Game opening with original WWX theme (replace our Easter egg music in the OP with original WWX theme). This port does NOT include: - new playable characters; - new battles; - slightly animated sprites from original WWX; - WWX character's voice lines for poking function in Units menu. Additional info is available in the Readme. 1.1 update changelog is in my first post. Please read it before downloading this torrent.

Eiyuu Senki Steam Uncensored

  1. Nov 11, 2017 Download Game Anime Eiyuu Senki Full Patch DLC - PC GAMES. Publishers: Tenco, 5pb. & Fruitbat Factory. Eiyuu senki Full Version is visual novel games for PC windows. Conquer the world with an army of moe moe girls in this highly-anticipated adult strategy game. As leader of the island nation of Zipang, you find yourself in a world full of cute.
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