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  • May 22, 2018 Xena: Warrior Princess - Complete Seasons 1-6 ENG DVDRip Hit - DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) 9a27dcb523 Download Xena Warrior Princess S01E01-E04 SWESUB AC3 DVDRip XviD-Cousmez torrent or any other torrent from Other TV category. (Seasons 1-6) Adrienne Wilkinson as. The Legendary Journeys had an equal number of seasons as Xena: Warrior Princess,. Xena is hit with a poison dart and is.
  • The real Xena learns of this cruel charade from Melas, a grief-stricken young man who has lost his two-year old son to the murderers and vows revenge on the warrior princess. Determined to stop the destruction, Xena and Gabrielle set out to find the imposter.

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While the debate on whether or not Tomb Raider Lara Croft is a strong woman rages on, even in circles far beyond the videogame industry, it's clear that no one in his/her right mind would question the power of TV's Xena: Warrior Princess. And if a character's strength is any sort of measure of a game's worth, Xena's about to give ol' Lara a run for her money--because she'll soon be joining her in the 3O action-adventure playing field in Universal Interactive's Xena: Warrior Princess (with the working title appendage 'Horrungus Among Us') for the Sony PlayStation.

The story behind the title puts Xena and her long-time 'companion' Gabrielle in the way of a devious plot concocted by Xena's old nemeses Calisto and Ares, the god of war. The evil duo has raised a titan from infancy--the three-headed monster Horrungus--intending to control the incredible power it will have when it grows up, unleash it upon the world, and rule what's left--isn't that always the way? To test out the nearly full-grown beast, Calisto and Ares have captured Gabrielle and intend to either force Xena to help them or make the creature destroy both Xena and Gabrielle. Along the way, Xena wanders to places like Sisyphus' fortress, Pinnacles' temple, the home of the Amazon Birdwomen, and Hades Castle, and she faces such enemies as ogres, evil druids, dragons and Hades' minions, before confronting Horrungus itself. And then Calisto and Ares will, of course, still be waiting in the wings.

Xena fans can expect the game to show more than just characters and places from the series, because Lucy Lawless (Xena) and Rene O'Conner (Gabrielle) voice their characters' parts and had their faces texture-mapped for the roles--although the animation is done by hand instead of through motion capture. Theme music and sound effects are used as well. The gameplay is said to be like a more action-oriented version of Tomb Raider, with Xena acting out her adventures in a 3D world, followed by an intelligent camera that always puts her in the center of the screen. Her moves include punching, kicking, jump kicks, sword and staff fighting, and Chakram throwing (her metallic bladed 'Frisbee'), as well as the special Hong Kong action-movie moves seen in the series, such as hanging in the air to kick an opponent in the face repeatedly. Look for 106+ animations in the final version. More than 20 levels are currently planned for the game, requiring you to visit some of the scenarios more than once. Secret levels and characters are also present, found through means unknown at this point.

Gameplay will be similar to Activision's Tenchu, since some scenarios require more stealth-type movement rather than out-and-out fighting. For instance, in one level, Xena has to break into a fortress guarded by platoons of archers and swordsmen. If she marches in directly, she might find herself full of arrows. But if Xena sneaks up and ambushes the warriors one by one and then uses the Chakram to take out the archers at post in their towers, she should be able to get in unscathed.

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