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5.1) make sure environment variables ORACLEBASE, ORACLEHOME, PATH and LDLIBRARYPATH are set to point to Set ORACLESID to the DB name to upgrade i.e. The /etc/oratab file points to your Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( Oracle home. Currently, the Oracle Database files are not available to download from the usual Oracle Technology Network (OTN) area, instead you have to log into My Oracle Support (MOS) and search for patch number ‘13390677’. Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Express Edition for Windows 64; Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Express Edition for Linux x86 and Windows; Previous Database Release Software. Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 10.2, 11.x, 12.x, and 18c are available as a media or FTP request for those customers who own a valid Oracle Database product license for.

Oracle® 19c Database is the latest release of a widely adopted automationdatabase in the market and enterprises. Stability is an important element of theOracle Database 19c component of the Oracle Database 12c (Release 12.2) family ofproducts. In this two-part blog post series, I cover installing and upgrading version 19c.

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This part of the two-part series focuses on upgrading Oracle Database from11.2.0.4 to 19c in Windows®. This manual method does not use theDatabase Upgrade Assistant (DBUA).

For installation steps, refer toPart One of this series.I installed binaries on my 19c Oracle home directory,ORACLE_HOME=d:appproduct19.0.0dbhome_1.

Use the following steps to upgrade Oracle Database to 19c:

Note: You should have a valid backup before upgrading in case something goeswrong during the upgrade process.

Step 1: Stage the installation file

Stage the 19.3 Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) install file so youcan proceed with the upgrade.

Step 2: Pre-upgrade steps

Run the following steps to complete the pre-upgrade process:

Step 2.0: Preparation
  1. Download the Oracle Database Pre-Upgrade Utility by usingmetalink note 884522.1.To run the pre-upgrade tool, run the following code:

    set ORACLE_HOME=d:appproduct11.2.0.4dbhome_1set ORACLE_BASE=d:appset ORACLE_SID=ABCset PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%bin;%PATH%%ORACLE_HOME%jdkbinjava -jar <top_dir>preupgrade.jar TERMINAL TEXT -u sys -p <sys_password>

  2. Check the output in d:appcfgtoollogsABCpreupgradepreupgrade.txt,review the pre-upgrade log file and fix any errors.

  3. You can run the pre-upgrade fixups script for all the parts with AUTOFIXUPin the logs. For example, to rund:appcfgtoologsABCpreupgradepreupgrade_fixups.sql, execute thefollowing code:

    cd d:
    cd d:appcfgtoollogsABCpreupgradesqlplus sys/ as sysdba @preupgrade_fixups.sql

  4. Review the output from the preupgrade_fixups.sql and perform any remainingmanual steps.

Step 2.1: Back up pfile

Run the following command to take backup of pfile:

Step 2.2: Remove invalid objects

Run the utlrp.sql script from SQL Plus to compile invalid objects. Make sureno invalid objects remain in sys/system schema. Save all other invalidobjects in a separate table to match during the post-upgrade steps later on.

Step 2.3: Remove the EM repository

Remove the EM repository by using the following steps:

Copy the emremove.sql script from 19c home to 11 g home:

Step 2.4: Remove the OLAP catalog

Remove OLAP catalog by using the following steps:

Step 2.5: Remove APEX

If you are not using Application Express (APEX), you can remove it by runningthe following commands:

Step 2.6: Purge the RECYCLEBIN

Purge the DBA RECYCLEBIN by using the following command:

Step 2.7: Collect Dictionary statistics

Gather Dictionary stats by using the following command:

Re-run the pre-upgrade tool to confirm that everything is ready.

Step 3.0: Upgrade Steps

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Run the following upgrade steps to perform the upgrade:

Step 3.1: Perform the upgrade

Run the following steps to upgrade:

  1. Shut down the Oracle 11g Database.

  2. After shutting down the Oracle Database, open CMD with the admin option andremove all Oracle 11g Windows services by running the following steps fromthe command prompt:

    set ORACLE_HOME=d:appproduct19.0.0dbhome_1set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%bin;%PATH%set ORACLE_SID=ABCsc delete OracleJobSchedulerABCsc delete OracleMTSRecoveryServicesc delete OracleServiceABCsc delete OracleVssWriterABC

  3. Create the Oracle 19c Windows service by running the following commands:

    d:appproduct19.0.0dbhome_1binORADIM -NEW -SID ABC -SYSPWD ********* -STARTMODE AUTO -PFILE D:appproduct19.0.0dbhome_1databaseINITABC.ORA

  4. After the process creates the Oracle 19c windows services, start the services.

Step 3.2: Start Oracles Database

Oracle 11.2 0.4 Patchset Download For Windows

Start Oracle Database from 19C environment in upgrade mode.

After Oracle Database starts in the upgrade mode, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the following command:

    cd d:appproduct19.0.0dbhome_1bin

  2. Execute the dbupgrade utility from the Windows command prompt.

  3. After the upgrade completes, start the database and run the following command:

    SQL> @?rdbmsadminutlrp.sql

Step 4.0: Post-upgrade steps

If the upgrade succeeds, run the post-upgrade fixup script:

Step 4.1: Upgrade the time zone

After you run the post-upgrade fixup scripts, run the following commands toupgrade the time zone:

If the TZ_VERSION shows the old version, run the following commands:

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Step 4.2: Collect object statistics

Gather the fixed object stats by running the following commands:

Step 4.3 : Collect dictionary statistics

Gather dictionary statistics after the upgrade by running the following statement:

Step 4.4: Validate fixed issues

Run utlusts.sql to verify that no issues remain:

Step 4.5: Compare invalid objects

Match all invalid objects to the list you saved in Step 2.2.

Step 4.6: Clean up

To complete the upgrade, perform the following steps:

  1. Copy listener.ora, tnsnames.ora, and sqlnet.ora from the Oracle11g Oracle home directory to the Oracle 19c Oracle home directory and changethe oracle_home parameters accordingly.

  2. Place all these files in d:appproduct19.0.0dbhome_1networkadmin.

Note: Keep compatible= in case you need to downgrade the OracleDatabase to 11g.


Download Oracle For Windows

The preceding steps help you easily upgrade Oracle Database in Windowsversion to 19c.

Oracle 11g Download

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