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Learn to make and publish hit games on iPhone,advanced game development Simply download the tool to a your Mac The software has a newer version Just you want to Design Actor,Scene upload your own Player Creator Make your own Scene And Much More So download now and Enjoy With GameSalad if you have any Question So Please Comment Here and We will. 4 – Android Signing. This page will walk you through signing your apk that you just generated. Click the 'Download APK' button and then open the APK Signer inside GameSalad (it is located under Tools - APK Signer). This will bring up the Android Package Signer, which is divided in to four parts: Signing tools location, Keystore, Key,. GameSalad Tutorials. The Cookbook GameSalad Tutorials. Create a Brick Breaker Game in GameSalad. Create a Flappy Bird Game using GameSalad. Construct 2 Tutorials. The Official Construct 2 Manual. The Beginner’s Guide to Construct 2. A Huge List of Construct 2 Tutorials. Yoyogames GameMaker Tutorials. Beginner Guides for GameMaker. After registering, one also needs to download and install Windows Creator Tool/Mac Creator Tool which gives a platform to create the game. BUILDING UP A NEW GAME: Open GameSalad Creator tool and start with a new project. The Creator tool consists mainly of three components to build up a game.

  1. Gamesalad Free Version

For developers new to GameSalad Creator, publishing refers to the act of taking your project file and turning it into an .app (Mac Desktop, iPhone, or iPad game), a signed and unsigned .apk (Android publishing, which is a feature available to PRO users), or a GameSalad Arcade/HTML5 game that is playable at

For iOS and Android publishes, the resulting file can then be used to install your game onto a mobile device (such as an iPhone or Kindle Fire) so you can test your game in the most authentic environment available (also known as ad-hoc testing).

NOTE: With the exception of the Arcade/HTML5 platform, publishing is a separate and distinct process from submitting your game to an application distributor, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. During HTML5 publishing, users can choose whether to make the game visible to everyone or only visible to themselves, if the game is a work in progress.

GameSalad is one of the best android app creators currently available in the market.

If you’d like to follow along with this guide as we go but don’t have a project file you’re ready to publish with, don’t worry! Simply open up one of the template project files in the ‘Create a New Project’ column of the new dashboard and use that project to go through publishing process with.

NOTE: You can access your Web Publishing portfolio at any time at

We won’t be making any edits to the project file itself, and instead we’ll head directly into the new Web Publishing process by using the ‘Publish’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the Mac Creator window.

Note: If you use a template project (or any new/unsaved project file) to go through the publishing process, it will first prompt you to save the project file, before allowing you to continue on.

This will now launch your default web browser, which attempt to the first step in the new Web Publishing process: Asking you whether you want to create a new game in your portfolio or update an existing game.

For this walkthrough, we’ll be selecting ‘Create New Game’.

NOTE: Projects published in GameSalad Creator versions previous to 0.10.00 will not appear in the new web-based portfolio or in the ‘Update Existing Game’ list. Users who wish to populate their online portfolio with previously created games will need to re-publish these projects using the new Web Publishing process.

After selecting ‘Create New Game’, you’ll see the following screen. Select the Android platform (this will add it to the list of platforms on the left for this project).

Select the Android platform that popped up on the left.

The primary Web Publishing user interface is divided into three sections: The top header and the left-hand column, with the rest of the window’s space used to show various settings, info, and configuration options.

The top header is where you’ll be able to set the title of your game (be sure to select ‘save’ after you change this!) and upload an icon.

NOTE: You’re able to upload either a 512 by 512 or 1024 by 1024 PNG icon during publishing. We recommend using a 1024 by 1024 icon, as some third-party application distributors now require these dimensions. As an added convenience, 1024 by 1024 images will automatically be down-scaled to the appropriate dimensions as required.

In the left-hand column you’ll see several top-level categories, including: Platforms, Services, and History. Depending on which item you select from this column, the area to the right of the column will change to show different options and information.

The red-boxed numbers indicate the number of remaining notifications left for each particular platform.

NOTE: While you can have one project file exported to multiple platforms, this does not mean that the game will run ideally on all platforms as-is. Users will still need to tailor their game to fit each platform they wish to publish for.

Mousing over the various book/question mark icons found throughout the Web Publishing process will trigger helpful and informative tool-tips to appear.


Sections required for publishing:

  • Icon
  • Android Package Name
  • Display Name
  • Android Version Code
  • Publicly Visible Version

Optional sections:

  • Hardware
  • Touchscreen
  • Custom Loading Image

Additional requirements:

You’ll need to install and set up the Android SDK Tools onto your computer. More information on this process can be found in our cookbook article on this topic.

In addition, you’ll need to have a valid Keystore ready to supply for Android publishing. If you don’t already have one, you can find steps for Keystore creation in our cookbook article on this topic.

Once the above prerequisites have been fulfilled, use the ‘Generate APK’ button, then the ‘Sign APK’ button to start the signing process. This may bring up the Launch Application prompt. If it does, simply select GameSalad Creator, since this is where the signing process occurs.

Once the app has been signed, choose where you would like to save the file.

If your zipalign.exe path isn’t automatically filled in (and you’ve followed the instructions previous Cookbook instructions) the path should be something along the lines of: /Users/yourName/android-sdk-macosx/build-tools/27.0.3/zipalign

Welcome to the world of game development! With GameSalad, anyone can create amazing games and publish them to every popular platform. Here is what you should do next:

Download GameSalad

If you haven’t already, download GameSalad Creator for If you’ve already downloaded GameSalad, great! You’re on top of things. Download!

Install & Log In to GameSalad

Download gamesalad creator for android

It’s super simple, but let’s break it down for you in case this is your first time:

For Windows:

  1. Unzip ''
  2. Run the installer software from the zip file 'GameSalad-Creator-Setup-offline.exe'
  3. Follow the installer prompts.
  4. Start up GameSalad!

Then start GameSalad and have fun! Log in so you can receive pro tips and tricks to help you create and publish your games. Load some popular game templates and start playing around!

Upgrade to a PRO Membership for $29/month

GameSalad PRO membership offers perks and tools that give you an edge as an app designer, including:

  • Android Publishing
  • In App Purchase
  • Ad Network Monetization
  • Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Priority Technical Support & More
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Learn the Basics with Simple Instructions

YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel contains videos covering download and installation, and step-by-step overview of GameSalad Creator’s features.


Then head over to the Cookbook and we’ll explain all the elements you have at your disposal to build the game of your dreams.


Gamesalad Free Version

If you want an exact explanation of everything Gamesalad Creator does and how to build your own game using it, check out the Manual.