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  • Developer: Nickelodeon;
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  • Languages: English;
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Description and tips

Rather, each is not a single person of our generation, the one that the truth once in my life did not come across a character named Sponge Bob. If you like the cartoon of the same name about this sea hero and his friends, and you would like to feel yourself in his skin, then SpongeBob Moves In is for you. This application ranks first in the charts of as many as 44 countries. In this game you have to build your personal Bikini Bottom - the city where Spongebob and his friends live. Using the SpongeBob Moves In hack gives you access to an unlimited number of gold coins and other monetary units, which will allow you to wake up your imagination and build the city of your desire. By setting for SpongeBob Moves In hack, you will get exclusive access to the short animated cartoons closed by novice players.

SpongeBob’s Truth or Square. SpongeBob’s Truth or Square is a video game based on the SpongeBob SquarePants episode with the same title. In this game, SpongeBob has been entrusted by Mr. Krabs to keep the Krabby Patty formula safe. But in all the excitement, SpongeBob forgets where he put the Krabby Patty formula.

SpongeBob Moves In Cheats and their features

Brilliant multi-colored graphics and accompanying music with their heads immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the beloved cartoon. The specificity of this game is exclusive short cartoons with exciting stories about Patrick and his stone house, Mr. Crabs and the acquaintance of the main character with his hometown. If you use for SpongeBob Moves In cheats you will get an undoubted superiority over other users. Building buildings, such as Mr. Krabs restaurant, driving school, shops, houses for ordinary inhabitants and Sponge Bob's friends, opening levels one by one, you get more advanced and expensive buildings. By using SpongeBob Moves In cheats, you will be able to forget about a limited amount of energy and build as many houses and buildings as you wish.

Spongebob Moves In Free Game

Hacked SpongeBob Moves In, and game secrests

Despite all the excellence of SpongeBob Moves In - graphics, gameplay, variety, brilliant and funny characters, there is something that can easily upset any player. The fact is that in the distance, not all buildings and the probability is allowed to buy in the game for virtual currency. For the most beautiful and improved buildings, the creator of the game requests Donat from users. In order to avoid obscene spending, you truly need to hack SpongeBob Moves In. This will give you the chance to open all existing homes and forget about donates. Moreover, for a convenient and glorious game you will undoubtedly need a satisfied amount of energy. Hack SpongeBob Moves In will give you a great advantage over other players - you will forget about the limitations in the number of actions and play as much as you want.

  • SpongeBob Moves In is a city-building game originally created and developed by Los Angeles Game developer Kung Fu Factory and published and distributed by Nickelodeon. In the game, players build Bikini Bottom to their own tastes and are tasked with keeping the residents happy by making all their wishes fulfilled.
  • Download SpongeBob Moves In Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 4.37.00 For Android. SpongeBob and his friends are waiting for you to create your own Bikini Bottom Metropolis! Build their houses, restaurants, town buildings and monuments and decorate their city to create a beautiful place to live under the sea. MMO game to play with your friends!

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SpongeBob Moves In Cheat Codes for free purchases (iOS and Android):


Cheat Codes

Price in the game

Jelly Grande



Jelly Heap



Jelly Sampler



Jelly Batch



16,250 Coins



50,000 Coins



210,000 Coins



Even more Jelly



Jelly Big Batch



550,000 Coins



Spongebob Moves In Download

The prices in the table are crossed out, because after entering the cheat code in the game SpongeBob Moves In, you will get the things for free.

Download Game Spongebob Moves In For Android Pc

Other Codes for Hacking SpongeBob Moves In (iOS):


Cheat Codes









SpongeBob Moves In Hack Codes (Android):


Cheat Codes








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To start using cheats, you need to download from GooglePlay or AppStore the original SpongeBob Moves In. Hack of this game works on all devices on which it is installed. SpongeBob Moves In Cheats work the same way as in other similar games, so if you have already used cheats, then it won't be hard to hack SpongeBob Moves In.

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Introduction Game

SpongeBob Moves In Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). SpongeBob Moves In is the # 1 ranked game in 44 countries, where players can experience SpongeBob’s daily life in the city, Bikini Bottom, when the habitat turns into an undersea city, you have It is possible to unlock new characters, buildings, equipment and areas.

Download and experience SpongeBob Moves In, who will be tasked with different levels of challenges, including collecting rent, making 5 Krabby Patty and more. Each building in the city is built on a certain area. To expand the space, you need to pay to buy other plots.

SpongeBob Moves In players will proceed to build Bikini Botton landmarks such as Patrick’s stone, SpongeBob’s pineapple house and the Krusky Krab. Perfect the art of frying at the Krusky Krab to raise Bottomite and earn many other rare recipes. Perform a series of missions to keep your favorite characters happy.

SpongeBob Moves In is designed with funny cartoon graphics. Moreover, the game is also voiced by the original cast to give the SpongeBob experience extremely realistic. SpongeBob Moves In offers items purchased with real money. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting the settings on your device.

SpongeBob Moves In Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Build your very own Bikini Bottom and expand it!
  • Make Bikini Bottom landmarks like Patrick’s Rock, SpongeBob’s Pineapple house, and the Krusty Krab burger restaurant
  • Perfect the art of burger fry cooking at the Krusty Krab restaurant to feed your Bottomites and earn new and rare recipes
  • Tap on your favourite NickJr cartoon charactes and play with Patrick Star, Squidward the octopus, Sandy the squirrel, and many other familiar faces!
  • Perform tons of quests to make your favorite characters happy in this RPG
  • Tom Kenny and other voices from the show make it an authentic SpongeBob experience
  • Tons of interactive props, decorations and buildings
  • Have fun catching jellyfish!
  • The Official SpongeBob SquarePants idle clicker game!

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Download Game Spongebob Moves In For Android

Reviews Of Game

Jason Reed: I love this app! It’s very intertaining for us sponge-loving kids/teens. It’s worth the buy,trust me. You have quests, can build houses, and so much more! And everybody from Spongebob Squarepants is on this app! I can’t wait for the next awesome update!

Jennifar Kingsbury: Game is fun but wish it explained things better. I have the treat shop but I can not make anything because I dont know where to get sugar. Most games like this if you click on ingredients it tells you where to get them.

Kari S: Great, except progression is a tad slow because of the increase of time and money it costs. Also it won’t let me log into my facebook saying “cant login because there is an issue with the implementation of this Facebook login.” I have no idea how to fix that…. if you can help, I’ll make this 5 stars!

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