Digital Logic And Computer Design Pdf

Lecture 1IntroductionLECT01.pdf
Lecture 2Introduction to Logic Circuits: Variables, functions, truth tables, gates and networksLECT02.pdf
Lecture 3Introduction to Logic Circuits: Boolean algebraLECT03.pdf
Lecture 4Introduction to Logic Circuits: Synthesis using AND, OR, and NOT gatesLECT04.pdf
Lecture 5Introduction to Logic Circuits: Design ExamplesLECT05.pdf
Lecture 6Introduction to Logic Circuits: CAD Tools and VHDLLECT06.pdf
Lecture 7Optimized Implementation of Logic Functions: Karnaugh Maps and Minimum Sum-of-Product FormsLECT07.pdf
Lecture 8Optimized Implementation of Logic Functions: Strategy for Minimization, Minimum Product-of-Sums Forms, Incompletely Specified FunctionsLECT08.pdf
Lecture 9Optimized Implementation of Logic Functions: Multiple Output Circuits, NAND and NOR Logic NetworksLECT09.pdf
Lecture 10Implementation Technology: Standard Chips and Programmable Logic DevicesLECT10.pdf
Lecture 11Implementation Technology: Look-up Tables, XOR and XNOR gatesLECT11.pdf
Lecture 12Implementation Technology: Buffers, Tri-state gates, Transmission gatesLECT12.pdf
Lecture 13Implementation Technology: NMOS and PMOS Transistors, CMOS logic gatesLECT13.pdf
Lecture 14Optimized Implementation of Logic Functions: Multilevel Synthesis and AnalysisLECT14.pdf
Exam #1 Sample QuestionsExam1 (example).pdf
Exam #1 Sample Questions (with solutions)Exam1 (example with solutions).pdf
Lecture 15Optimized Implementation of Logic Functions: Multilevel Synthesis and AnalysisLECT15.pdf
Lecture 16Number Representation and Arithmetic Circuits: Number Representation and Unsigned AdditionLECT16.pdf
Lecture 17Number Representation and Arithmetic Circuits: Signed Numbers, Binary Adders and SubtractorsLECT17.pdf
Lecture 18Number Representation and Arithmetic Circuits: Fast Adder Designs, Tradeoffs, and ExamplesLECT18.pdf
Lecture 19Number Representation and Arithmetic Circuits: Design of Arithmetic Circuits Using CAD ToolsLECT19.pdf
Lecture 20Number Representation and Arithmetic Circuits: Other Number RepresentationsLECT20.pdf
Lecture 21Combinatorial Circuit Building Blocks: MultiplexersLECT21.pdf
Lecture 22Combinatorial Circuit Building Blocks: Decoders, Demultiplexers, Encoders and Code ConvertersLECT22.pdf
Lecture 23Combinatorial Circuit Building Blocks: VHDL for Combinational CircuitsLECT23.pdf
Lecture 24Flip-Flops, Registers and Counters: LatchesLECT24.pdf
Lecture 25Flip-Flops, Registers and Counters: Flip-FlopsLECT25.pdf
Lecture 26Flip-Flops, Registers and Counters: Registers and CountersLECT26.pdf
Lecture 27Synchronous Sequential Circuits: State Diagrams, State TablesLECT27.pdf
Exam #2 Sample QuestionsExam2 (example).pdf
Exam #2 Sample Questions (with solutions)Exam2 (example with solutions).pdf
Lecture 28Synchronous Sequential Circuits: Implementations using D-type, T-type and JK-type Flip-FlopsLECT28.pdf
Lecture 29Synchronous Sequential Circuits: State Assignment Problem, Mealy State MachinesLECT29.pdf
Lecture 30VHDL for Sequential CircuitsLECT30.pdf
Lecture 31Design of Finite State Machines Using CAD ToolsLECT31.pdf
Lecture 32State MinimizationLECT32.pdf
Digital circuit design pdf

Digital Logic Textbook Pdf

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