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As a previous RPG gamer, you eventually get dragged into the virtual world that you once played, in turn reaping the consequences of the (sometimes humorous) ways you played through your first time. Dot Kareshi is considerably shorter otome game that is light-hearted, engaging and hilarious all at once.


The game is actually series that contains three separate installments. This is actually the third installment of the series, but I decided to play it first on account of Sugita Tomokazu. He’s the first seiyuu I fell in love with (courtesy Starry Sky), and so I wanted to start with him regardless of it being out of order.

Otome game makers Rejet, music producers Elements Garden and avex have shared a first TV commercial for their fall 2015 original TV anime musical Dance With Devils. Blue Spring Ride director Ai Yoshimura and composition writer Tomoko Konparu will be reuniting on the Brains Base (Natsume’s Book of Friends) production.

If you are interested in playing the game, there is an English patch out that you can download once you purchase the game disc. You can see information on how to get the game and the patch here.

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The Characters (8/10)

The cast of Yami no Hanayome is basically a mismatched comedy troupe that contains one dark lord, one dark knight, a villager, and a… slime. Regrettably the last one is a little off-putting and not solely because I’m not a fan of the shouta trope – he actually wants to become one with the heroine.

Slime was actually a major detractor of the game for me and I dreaded finishing his endings because I really dislike him as a character. The concept I find interesting and entertaining, but I think it’s a combination of his creepy personality and childlike stature that made me feel really squicked out by his entire route. Otherwise his presence was humorous and entertaining in the rest of the game.

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All of the characters match their cast type quite well, except they all have major short-comings or rather complexes that drive the humor of the story. I won’t spoil what those are, but I will say that these provide the majority of the entertainment.

The character interactions among one another are what really make the game enjoyable. They fuss with each other and with the heroine, creating an authentic dialogue riddled with pot shots at one another. Despite the fact that the heroine herself is given little opportunity to interact with the cast – she’s basically faceless for purposes of self-insertion – the game does manage to be engaging.

Despite the short length, the game still manages to develop each character and there is noticeable growth by the end of each route without it feeling contrived. This is arguably tricky to do given that I completed all of the routes in less than a day. But even saying that, one should not have high expectations going into the game for depth of character – while they are definitely individually fleshed out to a degree, there is scarcely the time to explore them satisfactorily.

Plot (7/10)

The plot of Dot Kareshi is about as straight forward as they come. The summary is exactly what you get when you play the game – a heroine that is sucked into the RPG world of a video game she played in the past. That’s where it begins and that’s where it ends, essentially. It requires some suspension of disbelief to buy everything that leads to her existence being brought into the game world.

That said, there are entertaining details that are fleshed out. If you are a fan of RPGs, you will find a lot of the references humorous as the game accurately pins the choices and play style of most casual players. For that reason, although the heroine is generally faceless, her previous decisions in the game are humorously relateable.

While it may be true that the plot itself has little depth, each character has their individual motivations for wanting to meet the heroine again. For that reason, none of the routes are alike and instead address a central problem to each individual character.

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Art/Interface/Sound (9/10)

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Admittedly one of the central reasons why I picked up the game to begin with. The color palette is absolutely stunning. Each sprite has animated speech and switches mid-conversation to accurately display the mood of the character when they are talking. This attention to detail really makes for an immersive experience.

In addition, despite the short length, there are a respectable number of CGs for the common route and the individual routes as well. The only downside is that because the heroine is intended to be a self-insert, the CGs somewhat awkwardly try to hide her eyes. Personally this was a big detractor as I rather prefer a fleshed out heroine to self-insert ones.

The user interface for the game perfectly fits the theme of an old RPG with 8bit representations of the characters, as the full title of the game implies, and appropriate theme music to set the mood. There are also detailed menus and settings which make for an easily customizable gaming experience.

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Last but not least is the sound. As previously stated, the theme music sets the tone of the game from the home screen onward. Similarly, the voice acting is pitch perfect in bringing each character to life. My bias may possibly be contributing when I say that Sugita played an especially compelling Dark Lord on account of how easily he switched from being humiliated and bitter to maniacal.

Overall (8/10)

I really enjoyed Dot Kareshi, and I would highly recommend it. The running price appears to be approximately ¥2,300 which is roughly $18 USD at the time of this post, not including shipping of course. It is certainly an affordable game however, packed with a lot of enjoyment. Especially good if you’re looking for a nice pick-me-up after playing something heavy. Don’t go into it expecting a thick plot, just enjoy it a simple, laid-back story that’s much like candy in its cavity-inducing cuteness.


In terms of how much I enjoyed the individual characters, I would say Dark Lord > Villager > Dark Knight > Slime. The game as a whole was a nice step back from some of the other, extraordinarily long games I have been playing (Code: Realize).