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So i download and install The Sims 4 from 1337x called THE SIMS 4 DELUXE EDITION (v1.75.125.1030 + ALL DLCs + ALL Languages) CODEX RePack uploaded by xGIROx. First of all can confirm that the game works perfectly fine. But after few days of installing it, i noticed 2 of my cpu core at Max 100% while using Afterburner at idle. is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. PAYDAY 2 (DLC Unlocker) CreamAPI I double dare you to fill this field! CreamAPI users what is that #4. Feb 21, 2018 @ 3:43pm This is the first time that I've heard about CreamAPI. Feb 21, 2018 @ 4:48pm No surprise. Google suggests is a crack for Steam, so I'm guessing the 'cream' is CRacked stEAM. It's always a bit confusing when trying to find stuff on piracy since they don't have a. Here is how you can install cracked DLCs on ATS Steam version.The video is older but I'll keep the links updated. So you might want to check this video from.

#579Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

Genres/Tags: Arcade, Run and gun, Side, 3D
Companies: Ratloop Asia / Reverb Triple XP
Languages: ENG/MULTI11
Original Size: 4.8 GB
Repack Size: 2.2 GB

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Creamapi download

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Repack Features

  • Based on Rocketbirds.2.Evolution-CODEX ISO release: codex-rocketbirds.2.evolution.iso (5,134,614,528 bytes)
  • Alternative CreamAPI fix (deadmau5+UberPsyX) available in NoDVD folder after installation, allows multiplayer via Steam
  • 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation
  • NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded
  • Significantly smaller archive size (compressed from 4.8 to 2.2 GB)
  • Installation takes 2-7 minutes (depending on your system)
  • After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
  • HDD space after installation: 12 GB

The “most interesting chicken in the world” is back in his first sequel Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, where Hardboiled Chicken gets entangled in a mysterious and sinister penguin plot in “Part 1: The Cockup”. Meanwhile, the pint sized budgie commandos are forming a strike force of great magnitude in “Part 2: The Rescue”, where players need to rescue and recruit hostages from deep behind enemy lines. Both parts can be played in or out of order, but converge to complete the full Evolution story.

Players will engage in nuanced, side-scrolling, shooter action as they face an assortment of evil penguins, space owls and other fowl creatures while strapping on jetpacks and wielding new, powerful weapons of ‘de-clucktion.’

Game Features

  • Cinematic platforming, action-adventure game with light puzzle elements and Jetpacks in Part 1: The Cockup
  • Over 100 upgradeable weapons, costumes and stackable characters to unlock in procedurally generated missions in Part 2: The Rescue
  • Part 2 also features 1 – 4 player online / offline / drop-in / drop-out cooperative features and a PvP mini game
  • Original soundtrack by New World Revolution

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Sep 12th, 2016
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Creamapi Download
  1. -------------------------------------------
  2. +++++++++
  3. - Support for the all known SteamApps versions (2 to 8)
  4. - Support for the games that are making the use of steamclient.dll
  5. Installation (x86):
  6. - Download and extract the DLC you want
  7. - Rename the original steam_api.dll to steam_api_o.dll
  8. - Copy steam_api.dll and cream_api.ini to the game folder
  9. - Configure cream_api.ini (see 'Confuguration notes' below)
  10. ++++++++++++++++++++
  11. - Rename the original steam_api64.dll to steam_api64_o.dll
  12. - Copy steam_api64.dll and cream_api.ini to the game folder
  13. - Configure cream_api.ini (see 'Confuguration notes' below)
  14. ++++++++++++++++++++
  15. - Some games do have a special check of steam_api.dll/steam_api64.dll, so if it's modified, game won't start anymore (e.g. Magicka)(also some games are checking if there is an *.ini file inside the directory).
  16. In order to be able to play such games with unlocker, you should set the 'extraprotection' option to 'true'.
  17. Keep in mind that some games still won't work (e.g. Serious Sam HD: TFE/TSE) if they have more custom checks then expected.
  18. - Some games do support the automatic DLC unlock, so then you can put : unlockall = true and every DLC will be unlocked
  19. - Some games do NOT support the unlock mentioned above so you should manually enter it in [dlc] section. Here is an example:
  20. [dlc_index]
  21. 1 = 251081
  22. Notes: Keep in mind that the index should ALWAYS start from 0.
  23. - [dlc_subscription] is used for checking a DLC ownership. Configuration of this section is a very important step, otherwise a DLC, most likely, won't be handled properly.
  24. Here is an example of how this section should be configured:
  25. [dlc_subscription]
  26. 420610 = true
  27. 369150 = true
  28. Notes: Keep in mind that if the DLC's ID is not inside of the section or it's value is set to 'false', then the specified DLC WON'T be subscribed !
  29. - Some games do require a PROPER names being set for every DLC (e.g. Borderlands 2 or Rise of the Tomb Raider). So you should put it to [dlc_names] section with the SAME order you put @[dlc] section:
  30. [dlc_names]
  31. 1 = Awesomenauts - Admiral Swiggins, PHD Skin
  32. - Rebased the code to get a proper interface version
  33. - Minor bugfixes
  34. **** Changelog ****
  35. v2.0.0.4:
  36. - Added support for SteamApps v8 interface
  37. - Removed useless struct/flat exports
  38. - Improved 'extraprotection' (now Serious Sam 3 and The Talos Principle are also working)
  39. **** Changelog ****
  40. v2.0.0.3 Hotfix:
  41. - Fixed the bug when the 'extraprotection' was not working for some games
  42. - Added support for the games that are checking for steam_api.dll/steam_api64.dll modification(s) ('extraprotection' option)
  43. - Added cream_api.ini hiding ('extraprotection' option)
  44. - Fixed the issue where the logger was created even if the value was set to 'false'
  45. - Improved loading of the configuration file
  46. - Added 'orgapi' and 'orgapi64' options
  47. **** Changelog ****
  48. v2.0.0.2:
  49. - Added 'appid' option
  50. - Added 'log' option to [steam] section
  51. - Various bugfixes
  52. **** Changelog ****
  53. v2.0.0.1:
  54. - Removed the SteamApps key from cream_api.ini (the SteamApps version is now parsed from the original file automatically)
  55. - Removed the Language key from cream_api.ini (language is now parsed directly from steam application settings)
  56. - Support for the games that are making the use of steamclient.dll
  57. special thanks for testing go to: machine4578, Christsnatcher, demde, Haoose, Lordw007, UberPsyX

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