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KranXpert is a revolutionary computerized lift planning software. Our old lift planning software, Compu-Crane, was clunky and not user friendly and we rarely used it to actually plan lifts … we usually only used it when requested to do so by the customer since it was faster to do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper.

Compu-Crane is a powerful software tool intended for industrial lift planning and crane selection that is owned and distributed by Manitowoc.

KranXpert has changed all of this. Kranxpert is so easy and fast to use that we can plan the majority of our jobs, even simple run of the mill jobs, faster and more efficiently this way.

It only takes a few minutes to drop Google Earth or Bing imagery, to scale, into KranXpert. If the customer has ground plans for the job, these too can easily be imported into KranXpert. This allows us to show the operator and the customer exactly where we plan on setting up the crane. This saves time on the job and greatly clarifies things for the customer. The power of KranXpert for us is its simplicity and speed. We can knock out accurately scaled 3-D lift plans in minutes.

We liked KranXpert so much that we reached out to the developer of the software, Markus Scholl, to see if we could be appointed the US distributor which we now are!!! If another lift planning package worked better, it would be what we used, but Kranxpert, for our needs as primarily a taxi-rental crane business, was far and away the best choice for us. Whether you would like to plan out a job that you are bidding on, or are interested in possibly becoming an end user of KranXpert for your own business, we would love to speak with you. If you would like to read a review of lift planning software options written for Crane Hotline by Michael Harrison, see the following PDF here.


Crane Lift software, free download

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3d Crane Lift Plan Software

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