Convert Ps1 Iso To Eboot

PSP.iso and.cso files should be copied to ux:0/pspemu/ISO/ PSP and PSX EBOOT.PBP files should be copied to. PSX2PSP is a Windows application that allows you to convert PSX disc images to the EBOOT.PBP format so they can be played on your PS Vita using the Adrenaline ePSP; CWCheat. It will convert all of your cso's dax's and jso's to iso's.then iso's to eboots. Automatically placing the eboot in the directory 'PSP game gamename eboot.pbp'. VERY user friendly and VERY easy. Just run it and do whatever you want for the next while. I have NO desire on manually converting EACH game rip when I have my 140 game rips.

Convert Psx Iso To Eboot.pbp

Convert ps1 iso to psp

ISO ~ PBP Converter


You can add files and convertsave it using a command line:
IsoPbpConverter <input> <image> [-c] [-f] <file> or [-d] <dir>
<input> Input ISOPBP file.
<image> STARTDAT image, use this option when converting from ISO to PBP format.
[-f] <file> Output ISOPBP filename, use [-d] <dir> instead if you want the default name.
The Converted PBP file will have a smaller size than the ISO file.
The supported image files to use it as STARTDAT in PBP formats are:
If the image dimension largersmaller than the default size ( 480x272 )
This tool will automatically resize it to the required size.
Initial release.

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