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Why ASTEC Charter Schools Can Overcome Many Inner-City Problems, According To Dr. Freda Deskin

Dr. Freda Deskin Explains How ASTEC Charter Schools are Unique in Their Approach Many inner-city kids are considered disadvantaged. They have some of the lowest high school graduation rates. Many don’t continue their education past high school. Reasons for being disadvantaged range from being low-income to not having the support of their parents because parents […]

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Dr. Freda Deskin Explains Why STEM Is for Them: Encouraging Female Students to Study Science, Math, and Technology

In the past several years, educators and parents have been participating in a national conversation about the barriers that prevent young women and girls from pursuing careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. The discussion is encouraging, says renowned educator Dr. Freda Deskin, herself a finalist in NASA’s “Teacher-in-Space” project as well as a […]

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Closing the Gender Gaps: 3 Benefits of STEM Education According to Freda Deskin

Just how important is it for girls to receive education in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields? Let’s hear from young women themselves: according to a report commissioned by Microsoft called Closing the STEM Gap, over three-quarters of girls who had extracurricular instruction in hands-on STEM activities said that they felt empowered – […]

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Freda Deskin’s Game-Changing Oklahoma Charter School Is Flipping the Script on Traditional Models of Education

An awful lot of lip service is given — both in the national media and, on a smaller scale, in commencement speeches and in individual schools’ mission statements and other public relations collateral — to the importance of encouraging female students to engage with STEM subjects and to pursue college degrees in science, technology, engineering, […]