Burnout Revenge Game Download For Android

  • Codemasters’ Dirt Rally has surpassed its predecessors, Dirt 3 and others.
  • Inflict carnage and destruction as you tear through the best from the Burnout series made exclusively for handheld gaming. Race the legends, take on an Eliminator Challenge, or track down offenders in your high-performance cop car to unlock classic and new Burnout vehicles.
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  2. Burnout Revenge Game Download For Android
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Burnout Revenge PS2 ISO. Burnout Revenge adalah game balapan mobil di mana keinginan untuk menghancurkan sama pentingnya dengan kemampuan mengemudi untuk mencapai garis finish. Sekuel Burnout 3 ini menambahkan beberapa fitur baru seperti kerusakan mobil yang lebih detail, tabrakan kombo, dan satu meter yang memberi balas dendam di jalan. The game uses the Burnout Revenge engine and for that reason, the visuals feel the exact same. It’s a decision that ensures the game runs well and supports a smooth frame rate, however, it feels lazy and offers nothing new in the way of slick advances in graphics.

It's hard to drive through an intersection without thinking to myself, 'Gee, this would make a great crash junction.'? Fortunately, I've never acted on this impulse, but I haven't needed to. I've had Burnout. Now, with Burnout 3: Takedown, obviously a lucky number, EA has struck absolute gold with this title.

I can't say that you'll strike gold in the very first race, but I can guarantee that, if given any time at all, Burnout 3: Takedown will make it onto the 'oft played' section of your console game shelf. Focusing on both straight up races and crash junctions, it makes good use of its gameplay modes by giving you many different ways in which to compete. From the racing end of things, each of their many modes is well built, played out on massive tracks, with a new boosting system that rewards you for taking risks, but is focused primarily on the takedown, wrecking your opponent's car.

Crashing too has changed. Instead of the thirty or so junctions of old, you've now got one hundred. Instead of the sweet spot that you had to aim for previously, this time you've got the ability to go into 'aftertouch' once you've crashed, and miraculously steer your car while it's crashing, all to the effect of getting precious score multipliers, cash bonuses, and crashbreaker explosions that rip everything up. It's a very different experience, as it's nowhere near as organic, but in the end, it makes for much more even multiplayer, as no one can pull that far ahead too easily.

On the negative, Burnout 3: Takedown's primary weakness is a rubberband AI that is too unintelligent to compete with you on the track, so it's given a teleporting ability that keeps it within six seconds of being behind you. However, to balance that, splash in a bit of Xbox Live support, and you've probably got the coolest multiplayer racing game ever made. In the end, I say it's a great title worth purchasing if you're playing alone, or with friends.

Overall rating: 9
Burnout Revenge Game Download For Android

I have loved playing Burnout since the second game in this series, and I can't say that I've ever seen an arcade style racer that's better. And although it has already appeared on the Xbox and Playstation 2 several months ago, you'll see that Burnout Revenge is a creature born to live in the Xbox 360. From stunning high-def to the multiplayer offered by Xbox Live, this game is a great combination of ease of play, game features, and sheer destructive energy.

The first thing I'm happy to report on is the crash mode. In Burnout 3, Crash mode was crippled, having been turned into a powerup hunt. Aftertouch your car into a crashbreaker, win the stage. Revenge fixes that by giving you access to crashbreakers all the time, as long as you can crash enough cars to fill up your boost bar. A further improvement over the Xbox and PS2 versions is the discarding of the acceleration minigame before you started the crash junction. Another great change is the traffic checking, which lets you slam same direction traffic out of your way. You can't take out a big rig or a bus, but you can knock other traffic into them to take them out. Finally, I've got to say that after walking through the races in Burnout 2 and 3, I was happy to see a much more refined balance in this game. It is difficult to get a gold the first time around in certain gameplay modes, and even at lower levels, getting the highest rank in a normal race offers good challenge.

Burnout Revenge Game Download For Android 2

Ultimately, all improvements aside, there are two reasons why Criterion deserves accolades for their design. First, Burnout games are always really easy to play, since you can just jump straight in and start playing. Second, these games almost always know exactly how to use their features to the fullest potential; Revenge is no exception.

Burnout Revenge Game Download For Android

Visually, this game serves to prove one important fact. I need a high-def TV. After seeing the difference between a normal TV and a high-def TV, this game is meant to be played with such high quality. Visual distance is greater due to the clarity, and frankly, it is so much easier to avoid crashing on a better TV. Like most modern EA titles, the soundtrack that comes with the game is great, but what made me happiest is the sound of the Burnout theme playing over the intro menu screens.

Burnout Revenge is an unqualified success, and in my opinion, should be a must have for any Xbox 360 owner.

Burnout Revenge Game Download For Android Download

Overall rating: 8