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Modder ‘Sergeant_Mark_IV’ has released a new version of Brutal Doom. According to the release notes, Brutal Doom Version 21 RC2-B beta reverts aiming mode to toggle mode, fixes missing texture error messages as well as a bug that caused the Revenant Mode to not fire any weapons.

It’s worth noting that the modder has released another beta build of Brutal Doom V21 one day prior to this latest version. The previous patch introduced a complete version of the Map Enhancement System for Doom 1, added new Assault Shotgun sprites, new brightmaps and better light effects for all firearm, and improved the footstep system to make sounds be played closer to the player.

Brutal Doom Doom is part of Games Collection and its available for Desktop Laptop PC and Mobile Screen. Download Brutal Doom Doom Wallpaper for free in 1920x1080 Resolution for your screen. You Can Set it as Lockscreen or Wallpaper of Windows 10 PC, Android Or Iphone Mobile or Mac Book Background Image. Brutal Doom is a gameplay mod compatible with a number of titles in the Doom series, including Doom, The Ultimate Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth and Final Doom. As its title suggests, Brutal Doom is designed to add a whole new heapign of gore to Doom, with blood and servered body parts flying in all directions. Brutal Doom free download - Doom 95 demo, Doom 3 demo, Doom demo, and many more programs. With new effects, weapons, a lot more gore, stunning new animations, sounds, and even content that was cut from the original version, Brutal Doom 64 is a sight to behold. The total conversion.

Brutal Doom Version 21 RC2-B beta available for download, full release notes revealed. Modder ‘SergeantMarkIV’ has released a new version of Brutal Doom. According to the release notes.

Those interested can download this latest version of Brutal Doom from here, and below you can find its complete changelog.

Brutal Doom Version 21 Release Candidate 2 Release Notes

October 28 2018 Release Candidate 2-B
– Reverted aiming mode to toggle mode.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Revenant Mode to not fire any weapons.
– Fixed missing texture error messages.
– Added a CVAR to disable rocket backblast (bd_rocketbackblast)
– Added a CVAR to disable voxel decorations spawned by the Map Enhancement System (bd_voxeldec) because Voxels causes Android users to crash.

October 27 2018 Release Candidate 2
– Non-monster objects will no longer show health bars.
– Map Enhancement System is finished for Doom 1.
– New Assault Shotgun sprites.
– New brightmaps and better light effects for all firearms.
– All aiming modes (with exception of scoped weapons) now requires to hold the alt fire button instead of pressing once to switch. This makes the code better, allowing faster action, fixing a bug that caused the weapon to not fire if the aim mode was used and the fire button pressed imediately, and makes the aim mode more similar to recent modern games.
– Fixed an old bug that caused imp and pinky demons melee attacks to be impossible to sidestep away.
– Reloading the shotgun during the pumping animation will skip directly to the reloading sequence smoothly (only with BD’s own reload button)
– Playing on higher levels of blood settings now increases the amount of blood decals.
– Kicking windows no longer kills the player.
– Improved the footstep system to make sounds be played closer to the player.


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Doom the Way id Did – Lost Episodes E3M2: Manufactorium [Brutal Doom v21 RC2b]

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Brutal Doom Download Android

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These are the steps to installing Brutal Doom/HDoom on your computer.

Brutal Doom Download For Android Download

  1. Download the Doom Pack.
  2. Download Brutal Doom v20.
  3. Download HDoom Techdemo 7.
  4. Open ZDL.exe.
  5. In the Main / External Files section, add the following files:
    1. lights.pk3
    2. brightmaps.pk3
    3. v16 Zombie Sounds (BD Mutator).pk3
    4. NC-DE HUD-Brutal Doom.pk3
    5. Special Brightmaps.pk3
    6. DoomNukem's BD Weapons v1.pk3
    7. zdoom-dhtp-20121229.pk3
    8. IF BRUTAL DOOMR brutalv20b.pk3 OR IF HDOOM m12-hdoom-techdemo7
  6. In the Settings / IWADs, add the follow .wads:
    1. DOOM.wad
    2. DOOM2.wad
    3. DoomMetalVol4.wad
    4. Mr. Chris's Brutalized Doom 1&2 Levels.wad
    5. sound pk_doom_sfx_20120224.wad
    6. TNT.wad
    7. PLUTONIA.wad
    8. chex3.wad
  7. In the Settings / Source Ports/Engines section, add gzdoom.exe