Backtrack 5 Download Windows 10

Backtrack is a Linux distribution distributed as a Live CD which consist of Linux based toolset geared toward network security and security exploits. It includes a large collection of individual tools each designed to perform specific functions, like WEP cracking, SQL injection and HTTP exploits.

Backtrack 5 R3 Free Download For Windows 10 Backtrack 5 For Windows Xp BackTrack is an open source, Linux distribution that is used by security professionals/white hat hackers for penetration testing and also for digital forensics tasks in a native computing environment dedicated to hacking. Download BACKTRACKIT PC for free at BrowserCam. Published BACKTRACKIT for Android operating system mobile devices, but it is possible to download and install BACKTRACKIT for PC or Computer with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac.

Backtrack 5 Download Windows 10 Iso

How To Install Backtrack on Vmware Workstation Virtually

First a fall you must know what is a vmware (virtual machine ) if you don’t know, i would recommend you to do a Google search on this subject


  • Download the virtual machine from Here (Vmware WorkStation)
  • Download the latest version of Backtrack from Here.

I would suggest you to Download the iso image of Backtrack linux as it can be used for many purposes.

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So lets begin:-

In this Tutorial i’ll be working on Vmware Workstation.

  • First of all open your vmware workstation, then goto File >> New Virtual Machine
  • Then a new window will open, click on “Next” >> If you have live disc, then select “Installer Disc” or else select “Installer Disc Image file (iso)” >> “Next” >> Now choose the location where you wants to install Backtrack 5 R3 >> “Next” >> Now give the Disc size for BT 5 R3 >> “Next” >> “Finish”
  • Now a new tab will be open.
  • Now click on “Power On The Virtual Machine”, then it will ask for your permission to boot. Hit Enter.
  • Select the first option then hit Enter.
  • Then type startx, hit Enter.
  • Then Double Click on Install icon, then follow the instruction.
  • Installation will take some time.
  • After installation click on Restart Now.
  • After reboot, login as a root (default user is root and pass is toor)
  • Type startx, hit Enter
  • We have successfully installed the Backtrack, now lets comes to Vmware Tools.
  • Goto vmware tool bar VM >> Install Vmware Tools
  • Then a new icon will appear on desktop, open it by double click on it, then drag the folder to desktop.
  • Open Terminal, type “cd Desktop/” , hit Enter.
  • Type “tar -zxvf <folder name>”, hit Enter.
  • It will start extracting the folder, after completion, a new folder will appear on Desktop.
  • Type “cd vmware-tools-distrib”, hit Enter.
  • Type “./”, hit Enter.
  • It will start installing the vmware tools.
  • During Installation, many time it will ask your permission, just hit Enter whenever it asks

Here’a a video tutorial from youtube on showing how to install backtrack on Vmware Workstation

Backtrack 3 download

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Posted on the 12 October 2020 by Harsh Sharma @harshsharma9619

Backtrack 5 Full Download

If You are here to Download BackTrack 5 R3 ISO Free (64 & 32 Bit) So, You are Landed at Right Webpage because here we discuss BackTrack 5 R3, and Below, we also Share the Direct Download Link to BackTrack 5 R3.

BackTrack 5 R3 is one of the Most Powerful Linux Distribution used for Penetration and Find Loopholes in Websites, Software, and Application. It is Based on GNOME Linux Distribution and Includes many of Top used Security Tools Like Metasploit, Wireshark, AirCrack, Nmap, and other Digital Forensic Tools. Offensive Securities develop backTrack 5 R3, and Soon They are Stop BackTrack Linux Series.

About Latest BackTrack 5 R3


The Last Edition of this Operating System is BackTrack 5 R3, and Further, Starting a new project is also the Newest Version of This Operating System Known as Kali Linux. It is the Successor of Backtrack 5 R3 and Includes all the tools you have in BackTrack 5 R3. BackTrack is also Found as Best Operating System Used by Hackers.

There are Millions of Security Researchers (White Hat) who use BackTrack 5 R3 for Digital Forensics, Testing Systems, Networks, and Other Penetration work. But On the Other Hand, It is also the Favourite Operating System Picked by Hackers because of their Tools and Features.

Hackers and Crackers use this Operating System, not For Testing Instead of Breaking Systems, Cracking Passwords, Hacking Accounts, and other Notorious Work. BackTrack has all the Deadly Tools and Programs that you need to Break the Digital Systems. The Last Edition of BackTrack 5 R3 is released on August 13, 2012. After that, They Start Project Kali.

Learn –How to Make Bootable USB for BackTrack 5 R3 ?

Features of BackTrack 5 R3 :

  • The BackTrack 5 R3 includes almost every Hacking Tools.
  • It comes preinstalled with Digital Forensics tools.
  • The User Interface is very simple and easy.
  • It is an open-source, for anyone, Worldwide.
  • The software also comes with Pre Installed Drivers.
  • Identify Live Hosts.
  • Information Gathering and Analysis.
  • Web Crawlers.
  • Database Analysis.
  • Bluetooth Analysis.
  • Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Exploitation Tools.
  • Wireless Exploitation Tools and
  • A handful of Password Tools.

Download BackTrack 5 R3 with Below Links:

Download Backtrack For Windows

From Editor’s Desk :

Guys, BackTrack 5 R3 is the Most Used Operating Systems for Hacking and Cracking because it includes all the Hacking Tools that a Hacker Need to Crack into a Systems.

It is also useful for White Hat Hackers who easily find Bugs, Flaws, and Other Defects in Software Application. They use This Operating System Before Start their Software, Sites, and other Program.

I Seen many People Around me Who face Issue to Download BackTrack 5 R3 64 & 32 Bit So that’s Why here am Share a Full working Direct Downloading Links.

Backtrack 3 Download