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Use Auto Keyboard Software Utility for Windows whenever you need to press and release keyboard keys such as Enter Key, Backspace key, Tab Key etc. The Auto Keyboard will automatically simulate the selected key press and key release on keyboard and will allow you to control the behavior of the Auto Keyboard Software Application. The auto key presser is the free tool available to keep pressing the specific keyboard key automatically. You can use the hotkey to start it. It allows you to press the keyboard key automatically without making any effort. You have to do a few settings, and you are ready to use them. Auto Keyboard Presser can make your computer do it automatically! It can automate your PC to hold a specified key continuously or every few milliseconds/seconds/minutes/hours. With this auto keyboard presser, you can release at least one of your fingers, playing the game easier and more comfortable. The Third Auto Typer for Mac allows you to Automate Typing of Text and Automatic Mouse Clicking and all is Configurable and Easy to Learn. MurGaa Auto Typer. Assign a keyboard Shortcut to a Sentence and whenever you press the Assigned Keyboard Shortcut, MurGaa Mac Auto Typer will Type the Sentence onto Active Application.

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What is a key presser?

Key presser is a tool that can press a specified key automatically. Some games require the user to hold a key continuously. You can use Key Presser to do this. You can also specify a fixed time to generate a key press event.The main function of this software is to make the experience of playing games and developing a program much easier and convenient. This post will tell you something about the keyboard presser and will recommend the top 8 apps for you. And, we also have a small part to introduce the computer keyboard monitoring solution for you if you are interested in.

Top 8 Automatic Keyboard Clickers Recommendation

1. Macro Toolworks

This is a powerful software which is readily available for Windows PCs and laptops. With the help of this auto keyboard clicker you can record macros and even create macros in an easy way using the macro editor. These macros can be played back on any Windows web page or app. Depending on your individual need you can trigger these macros in multiple ways including text shortcuts, auto-complete capability, mouse clicks, and keyboard hot-keys, etc.


  • Open multiple macro files

  • UI in multiple languages

  • All macro files are encrypted

  • Search within the available macros

  • Smart macro recorder


  • You can easily create, modify and share macros with others.

  • You can import or export the macro files to XML.


  • The pro version does not have too many advanced features.

  • The execution of macros is sometimes unreliable.

2. TinyTask

This is a small software which is available for free and it works by allowing you to automate the repetitive tasks on your Windows PC or laptop. For using this software you have to simply record the process on your system by making use of the tool interface. After this you would just have to turn this into a small macro. This macro can be used by you in the future to make the task easier. If you are tired of doing the same process again and again, this tool comes handy.


  • Toolbar graphics which can be configured by the user

  • Customised toolbar images

  • Has a tiny size of 33 Kilobytes

  • Portable app which is compatible with almost all versions of Windows

  • You can record the process in two different ways


  • Very simple user interface.

  • The download size as well as the recording size is small.


  • Presentation and the appearance have no frills.

  • Requires some initial curve of learning.

3. Auto Keyboard Presser

This is an excellent keyboard automation software which has been designed especially for the Windows operating systems. For all those users who need to simulate the multiple events of key presses, this software is ideal for them. This software intelligently emulates the several key combinations and then allows the users to use a single key combination in a comfortable way many times. It is extremely easy to install and use and does not require any prior technical skill base to configure this software on your Windows device.


  • Customizable as per the user's requirement

  • Has an easy to navigate user interface

  • The start and stop button can be configured according to the user's convenience

  • The preferred delay between the typing on the keyboard can be easily setup down to millisecond

  • Has a variety of advanced settings which can be set as per the user's convenience


  • The download is absolutely free

  • You can quickly automate your key press events


  • Once downloaded it requires automation

  • It is available only for a few versions of Windows

4. Auto Keyboard by Murgee

This is fairly simple and easy to use software which has been designed to automate the actions of key release and key press on Windows PCs and laptops. You can use this software anytime when you feel the need to release or press the keys on keyboard including Backspace, Enter Key, Tab Key, etc.


  • Automatic simulation of key press and release which has been selected

  • Can control how the software works

  • You can configure the delay observed between the multiple keyboard releases and presses

  • Works on Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8 etc.


  • Simple user interface

  • Pretty affordable


  • Comes with only a 20 use trial

  • If you reinstall Windows you would have to register and pay once again

5. Perfect Keyboard

Use this text replacement software to save a lot of time and make your experience on your PC a more comfortable one. This macro program supports hot-keys, auto-complete and text shortcuts. This program allows you to create the file which has a record of all the frequently used paragraphs, phrases, macros, email IDs and so much more.


Auto Keyboard Presser For Mac Free

  • Use this software by just typing a short abbreviation or a hotkey

  • Uses more than 150+ commands

  • Download files and format them

  • Manage different directories and files

  • Powerful support for macro language

  • Excellent support for clipboard entries


  • Very simple to create macros

  • This program makes error free typing possible


  • Not many triggering parameters when compared to the other available auto keyboard pressers

  • Cannot schedule the program to run at specific conditions or time

6. Macro Recorder

This is one of the excellent macro recorders for Windows devices through which you can make your everyday tasks a lot easier. This automatic mouse keyboard clicker works by recording your keyboard inputs and the mouse movements so that you can use these while repeatedly using many of the functions on your PC. It comes with a user manual using which you can easily install this program and use it.


  • Infinite playback or recordings

  • Record any action

  • It's very simple to use

  • It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac systems

  • It can be integrated with Text Expander from PhraseExpress


  • So simple that you do not require a learning curve to install or use it

  • Recording function is pretty straightforward to edit and interpret


  • When the tasks are extended it takes a little longer to execute

  • The keyboard shortcut sometimes fail to work

7. Auto Clicker Auto Keybot

With the help of this useful automatic mouse and keyboard presser you can create your own auto mouse clicker and auto clicker of customised scripts. You can get the complete control of your Windows PC or laptop and also get the ability to transfer keyboard clicks or even the mouse clicks to any other app which is running on your Windows system. You can make sufficiently longer scripts and you can even save or load any feature for their easy access in future.

Auto Keyboard Presser Mac


  • Several functions for your Windows PC automation

  • You can possibly give a random pause

  • It has unique time bars

  • You can easily tweak your curated scripts


  • Easy to use with a nice and clean layout

  • No installation required


  • Tends to lag at times

8. Auto Macro Recorder

There are several games on Windows PC for which you may need to repeatedly or continuously hold a single key. With the help of auto macro recorder, you can automatically get your computer to hold that key for you and completely enhance your gaming experience. This program can completely automate your Windows PC to hold that particular key for a certain time specified by you. You can play your game much more comfortably with the use of this program and ease at least one of your fingers.


  • Hold a single key or a combination of keys continuously

  • Set a specified delay time between two key presses as per your convenience

  • Start or stop the keyboard getting simulated with just one single click

  • Compatible with several versions of Windows including 8, 7, Vista, XP and more


  • Easy to install and use as it comes with a set of instructions

  • The functions recorded by you can be executed to any other PC


  • The interface is pretty outdated

  • The commands on the main window are very confusing

It can be very annoying when you have to keep holding a key or a set of keys on your keyboard for a long time while playing a game or performing any other function on your Windows PC or laptop. It strains your finger a lot and makes it very uncomfortable. With the help of these auto keyboard pressers, you can ease your fingers and get a much better experience at performing several tasks on your PC. You should definitely try out any one of our top 8 recommended software for this purpose.

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3 Different Auto Typers for Mac are Displayed here in this Page. A Mouse & Keyboard Recorder is also presented below. All the Mac Applications below work on Mac OS Mojave (version 10.14), and earlier Macintosh Operating Systems including macOS High Sierra (version 10.13), macOS Sierra (version 10.12) and so on.

  • First Auto Typer for Mac allows you to Assign a Configurable Keyboard Shortcut to a Text Sentence to Type.
  • The Second Auto Typer for Mac allows you to Automate Typing of Multiple Text Sentences on the press of a Configurable System Wide Shortcut Key.
  • The Third Auto Typer for Mac allows you to Automate Typing of Text and Automatic Mouse Clicking and all is Configurable and Easy to Learn.

MurGaa Auto Typer

Assign a keyboard Shortcut to a Sentence and whenever you press the Assigned Keyboard Shortcut, MurGaa Mac Auto Typer will Type the Sentence onto Active Application. You can assign upto 6 different Keyboard Shortcuts to Type 6 different pre-defined text sentences in Auto Typer for Macintosh.

Download this Text Typing Software on your Mac OS X and try it for Free.

MurGaa Auto Talker

Store Multiple Text Sentences and Configure a Keyboard Shortcut to let the Mac Auto Talker type the Text Sentences onto Active Application Automatically. Look closely at the Screenshot below to get an Idea of what all configurable Text Typing features are offered by this Mac OS X Application. Download Auto Talker and Automate Text Typing on your Mac OS X.

Macro Application for Mac

This Mac OS X Application is basically a Macro Application which can do Automatic Text Typing, Mouse Clicking and other Stuff. The Best part about this Mac Application is that it is really easy to Learn and if you have used Mac Apps, just have a look at the Screenshot below and read no more to learn this Mac Automation Application.

Or Record Mouse and Keyboard Actions and then Play them

You can also record your Mouse and Keyboard Actions with Macro Recorder for Mac and then Play the Recorded Mouse Clicks, Movements, Time Delay and everything else.


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