Amazfit Pace Spotify App

Amazfit Pace Spotify App

Download the Android app installer, you will need this to install the downloaded app for Amazfit Pace. The current version is the APK Installer 3.5 Download link here. Download the ADB driver just in case the Android app installer will not be able to detect your Pace device. According to an average of 4.5MB per music file, and 2450 MB available storage space. 2450 / 4.5 = about 544 songs approximately. The test conditions for the up to 5 battery life are Bluetooth connection, half an hour running every day and 200 notifications; the test conditions for 35 hours of battery life are to turn off Bluetooth connection and communication, turn on GPS mode.

Amazfit Pace Spotify App Free

Nowadays, we can do so many things with a smartwatch even if we ditch our phones. For example, a sportwear smartwatch can help us keep track of our health and training, or we can listen to music on smartwatch with Bluetooth headphones while working out.

Amazfit Pace Spotify App Reviews

Besides smartwatches from well-known brands like Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear, or Fitbit, Amazfit is also a rising star in this field and the Amazfit Stratos and Pace are two popular options among customers. For people who just got a new Amazfit watch or who are considering getting one, they might have some similiar questions such as 'Can we play Spotify on Amazfit' or 'How to listen to music on Amazfit'.

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You can control Spotify music playback on your phone through Amazfit watch, and some watches like Amazfit Stratos and Pace have storage to store MP3 music files for offline listening. Therefore, in this post, we will show you the detailed steps on how to download Spotify to MP3 so that you can listen to Spotify on Amazfit Stratos or Pace.