1 Click Pc Fix Plus Serial Key

  1. 1 Click Pc Fix Plus Serial Key Codes

To activate your product, make sure your PC is connected to the Internet, then run WinCleaner by double clicking its icon on the Windows Desktop. On the Activation screen, fill in the required information.

If the Activation fails, one of the following may be the causes:

1 Click Pc Fix Plus Serial Key

1 Click Pc Fix Plus Serial Key Codes

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1. The wrong Serial Key is being entered.

If you purchased a Retail Boxed product, the Serial Key is on the instruction sheet in the box. If you have a USB Key, the Serial Key will be on the inside of the instruction sheet in the plastic shell.

2. The Serial Key characters are not being read correctly.

Some letters and numbers look alike and can cause problems. For example: the letter B and the number 8, the letter K and the letter X or the letter V and the letter Y. Please double check the Serial Key to make sure there are no spaces between the characters and they are typed in exactly.

3. The computer is not connected to the Internet.

An Internet connection is required for the Activation. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet before you try to activate your software.

4. My computer has Internet connection and is connected to the Internet.

If your computer is connected to the internet, downloading and installing the latest WinCleaner OneClick update may solve the issue. To download, click the Re-download Software option on the left.

5. The Activation is being blocked by AntiVirus software.

Although rare, some AntiVirus and Microsoft Essentials may block the Activation. Please turn off AntiVirus and/or Microsoft Essentials before Activating. For detailed instructions please Click Here!